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HotSpot - Enterprise

Printing that supports todays mobile student. | Stay productive from any location on campus.

Effortless Mobile Printing for the Enterprise

Innovations in wireless technology continue at a remarkable pace, enabling organizations of all sizes to build a vital core – the mobile workforce. Indeed, far greater efficiency has been achieved through the use of smartphones, tablets, notebooks and laptops, systems that today provide an essential communication pathway. What's needed, however, to fully leverage this investment is the ability for mobile users to seamlessly print documents.

Scalable Architecture, Designed to Expand

Within a single deployment, HotSpot Enterprise can handle thousands of users and print devices, even traverse entire networks, so your service can accommodate your organization's expanding mobile-user base. For large-scale deployments, HotSpot Enterprise can be configured to distribute print jobs across multiple processing servers, offering scalability, load balancing, and redundancy. Through a clustered installation, you achieve increased capacity and uninterrupted job processing, for optimum service reliability.

On-Premise Deployment for Enhanced Security

HotSpot Enterprise software is installed on a server on your network, so data stays within a secure infrastructure. With all document processing and encryption done on site, HotSpot Enterprise acts as a "Private Cloud" that safeguards each stage in the document lifecycle. With user authentication (secure login), only authorized users can access your HotSpot Enterprise Service.

HotSpot Mobile Printing Process Diagram

HotSpot Mobile Printing Process Diagram

HotSpot Enterprise Benefits

Versatility There are multiple ways to print a document… via email, web upload, mobile app or Windows desktop print driver.

  • Even select special settings, e.g., page range, duplex, color, etc.


Works with any computer operating system (PC/ Mac), as well as any smartphone or tablet. Also supports virtually any make/model of output device, enabling you to leverage your investment in mobile, network and office technologies.

  • Mobile device, printer, and network agnostic (Wi-Fi, 3G).
  • Mobile printing bridges disparate networks.


With GPS and criteria-based search capabilities, use your smartphone to quickly locate the nearest output device, anywhere in the world.


Mobile printing maximizes productivity, whether printing locally or globally.


Multiple layers of security safeguards print jobs from start to finish.

  • On-Premise Document Processing Only the HotSpot Enterprise Server processes and routes print jobs; no print jobs leave your network.
  • User Authentication Seamless integration with existing LDAP/ Active Directory and Access Control List systems, ensuring that only authorized users gain access to print resources.
  • Release Codes To protect document privacy, Ricoh-manufactured printers/MFPs can be optionally equipped to support Secure Release. Only users with a valid release code can print a document.
  • SSL (HTTPS) Protocol Print data is secured using 128-bit AES encryption.
  • SSL/TSL Protocols Encrypts print/ email data transmitted over the Internet, adding important layers of security.


A highly-customizable architecture means that HotSpot Enterprise can meet changing workflow and network requirements.

  • Fully redundant and resilient for local and global deployments.
  • Complete API suite to facilitate integration with ERP packages.

Print Management

Supports co-deployment with the most popular print management, tracking or auditing services.

Contact a Ricoh Mobility Specialist for more information.

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