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Ricoh Workflow Solutions for Legal

Does this sound familiar? Your law firm has struggled to keep up with evolving information technology. First, you relied on paper and faxing. Then you moved to paper and email. Now you’re living in a world of paper, email, scanning and electronic workflows. But that’s not all; you also have to deal with Time and Billing applications, mobile devices, eDiscovery capabilities and cost recovery models. Managing it all is daunting and takes you away from your core focus – practicing law.

Ricoh specializes in workflow and document management for the legal industry. We know your specific situation is unique, so we customize a solution based on your challenges, infrastructure and processes. This is why Ricoh’s expertise in capturing, managing and transforming information can work for you in a variety of ways.

  • About Ricoh Workflow Solutions for Legal
  • Challenges/Benefits
Ricoh Workflow Solutions for Legal – an integration of people-process-technology – is driven by your needs and focused on measurable outcomes.

  • People. A team of professionals, with over a quarter-century of experience, is ready to help you address your electronic workflow challenges.
  • Process. Our process typically begins with a complete assessment of your information workflow. Then we map out a plan with both short-term and long-term recommendations.
  • Technology. Ricoh’s technology includes hardware and software solutions that address your scanning, document management and cost recovery challenges.
Challenges Addressed
  • Inefficient paper-based processes
  • Sharing information that is trapped on paper
  • Archived and filed information unavailable to mobile workers
  • Challenges with printing documents from mobile devices
  • Inability to review, markup, and annotate paper-based information efficiently
  • Challenges in charging-back and accounting for case related output
  • Absence of a document management system or integration issues with commonly used applications
  • Inability to effectively manage IT infrastructure
Benefits Attained
Process improvement and productivity:
  • Paper-based processes become more efficient
  • Electronic documents are easy to access, share and review
  • Client-incurred costs are more accurately tracked and billed
Strategic infrastructure:
  • Deployment of critical technology improves electronic workflow and information processings
Cost savings:
  • Inefficient manual processes are eliminated
  • Costs associated with storage and retrieval of off-site paper documents can be eliminated

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