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TRANSFORM PROCESSES for better collaboration

Ricoh Workflow Consulting Services for Business

From contacts, claims and correspondence to reports, orders, invoices and service tickets, documents and files are at the heart of many business processes.

But in the new world of work—which demands anytime, anywhere access to information—your legacy processes for managing, routing and approving paper documents and electronic content can be time consuming and inefficient. They can drive up costs and introduce issues with audit and compliance. Perhaps most important, they may be preventing your people from accessing the information they need to do their jobs quickly, accurately and efficiently.

How many of your business processes are not working as well as they should? How confident are you in your current approach to addressing compliance and audit requirements—including managing document retention schedules? And how much time do you think your workers are wasting due to delays in receiving information or other process inefficiencies?

For nearly 80 years, Ricoh has been helping organizations across industries apply technology to drive speed, efficiency and innovation in the workplace. Ricoh Workflow Consulting Services for Business tap into that legacy—applying our expertise in business process consulting to help you pinpoint problematic workflows. Minimize waste. And find ways to help your people communicate, share and collaborate with greater speed and efficiency.

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    Services for Business
  • Challenges/Benefits
Ricoh Workflow Consulting Services for Business – an integration of people-process-technology – is driven by the challenge of making processes and information work for you.

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  • People. Ricoh Workflow Consulting Services for Business give you access to our team of experts in document scanning, document capture (including forms processing), document management, enterprise content management and business process management. Many of our consultants have earned industry certifications in document capture, enterprise content management, business process management and/or information management. Additionally, our people have years of hands-on experience managing and enhancing document workflow processes—and helping organizations improve information mobility.
  • Process. Ricoh Workflow Consulting Services for Business typically revolve around Discovery—examining every facet of your document processes. That includes collecting data, validating data and creating best and next practice recommendations. If you decide to move forward with a solution, our team can help with ordering, configuring and testing components as well as training users. We also help in transitioning support responsibilities as agreed with you.
  • Technology. Ricoh Workflow Consulting Services for Business are focused on understanding and improving processes. With a leading suite of software tools, Ricoh is also positioned to support you if you decide to move forward with a document capture, forms processing, document management, business process management and/or enterprise content management solution.
Challenges Addressed
  • Slow, cumbersome processes that may affect decision making and responsiveness to customers
  • High costs for physical document management—including routing, storage, duplication and data input
  • Inability to access information from anywhere, at any time, on any device
  • Information stored in database "silos" or on individual employees' computers
  • Documents lost, misplaced and/or kept well past their retention schedules
  • Difficulty addressing data privacy and applying audit controls
Benefits Attained
With Ricoh Workflow Consulting Services for Business, you can empower your people to work smarter by making information accessible when and where it's needed. It helps you identify leaner, more efficient processes for managing physical documents. And it helps you lay the groundwork for bringing those processes to life with a mix of leading technology solutions.

Identify unnecessary costs in current processes
  • Determine where you can reduce or eliminate paper from your business processes
  • Find opportunities to improve, automate and mobilize the workflow, which can help drive speed and efficiency
  • Reduce the costs associated with document storage, faxing, shipping and reprinting—including associated labor
Take control of your documents
  • Reduce or eliminate the risk and costs associated with misplacing or losing physical documents
  • Incorporate controls into processes—potentially easing the burden of compliance and audits
  • Automate management of records retention for both physical documents and electronic content
Deliver information on demand
  • Scan and capture documents—and bring them into efficient workflows—to give workers access to information when and where they need it
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and processing delays that can slow decision making and responsiveness to customers
  • Embrace information mobility by enabling knowledge workers to review, approve and route documents and content from anywhere

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