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Ricoh VoIP System Collaboration Solutions

Even with the rise of e-mail and other types of mobile communication, virtually every business continues to rely on a land lines to communicate internally and externally. However, any organization still relying on a land line phone system is likely missing valuable opportunities to leverage the latest communications technologies.

For small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), a phone system upgrade may seem too complicated-and costly. How can SMBs enjoy the benefits of the latest technology despite limited resources? How can these companies connect with an increasingly mobile audience-both inside and outside the organization? And how can SMBs address key goals for maintaining or improving customer service quality?

Ricoh VoIP System and Collaboration Solutions may be the answer. Leveraging Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, these solutions enable SMBs to manage calls with unprecedented ease, collaborate with partners in new and exciting ways, and provide faster, more accurate customer service. Available in three increasingly sophisticated "editions," the Ricoh solutions include convenient, intuitive tools designed specifically to improve productivity and meet budgetary demand for today's SMBs.

  • About Ricoh VoIP System and
    Collaboration Solution
  • Challenges/Benefits
Ricoh VoIP System and Collaboration Solution —an integration of people-process-technology —is driven by the needs of SMBs and focused on driving real improvement.

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  • People. While Ricoh VoIP System and Collaboration Solutions are ideal for virtually any SMB, every organization is different-with unique needs and challenges. Following an assessment, Ricoh's professionals craft a solution design that reflects an organization's distinct environment, structure and opportunities for improvement.
  • Process. To address the diverse needs of SMBs, Ricoh VoIP System and Collaboration Solutions are available in three "editions." Standard edition includes auto attendant, voicemail, phone scheduler and mobility functionality. Professional edition offers all of those features-plus group permissions, auto conferencing, paging and intercom, and find me/follow me functionality. Call Center edition is the most robust option. It includes all Standard and Professional features, as well as support for skills-based routing; barge, monitor and manager whisper; real-time queue details; and call recording.
  • Technology. Ricoh VoIP System and Collaboration Solutions offer phone server hardware and IP phone conference software, as well as an innovative Heads Up Display (HUD) or HUD for Call Centers. HUD is a desktop communication dashboard that integrates the phone system with day-to-day business communication needs, such as chat, email and screen share. It even provides click to dial or email functionality. All of these solutions are backed by Ricoh's responsive technical expertise to simplify how information is shared with customers and partners. Just as important, each SMB uses its preferred telecommunications carrier.
Challenges Addressed
  • Outdated phone systems that are inefficient and/or costly
  • Lack of integration between phone and IT systems
  • Disjointed communications and collaboration processes
  • Demand to support increasingly mobile workers, customers and partners
  • Cumbersome, expensive collaboration
  • Issues with customer service quality and efficiency
  • Future-ready infrastructure to support continued growth and innovation
Benefits Attained
Ricoh VoIP System and Collaboration Solutions are designed to support SMBs in achieving these benefits:

Drive productivity with enhanced business voice services
  • Drive productivity with enhanced business voice services
  • Streamline business processes with faster, more efficient communications
  • Communicate with clarity from anywhere, at any time-connecting via desktop, tablet, laptop or smartphone
  • Customize voice services to each SMB's needs: set privileges for every user, automate basic tasks, transfer calls with ease and use mobile phones as an extension of the office
Collaborate more effectively
  • Connect seamlessly with people across the office or around the globe
  • Set up audio conferences, chats, calls and emails with a single click from an easy-to-use interface
  • Empower users with fast, easy access to the people and information they need to make better and smarter decisions
Improve customer service
  • Offer an array of tools to help sales representatives, call center agents, employees and managers answer requests quickly and accurately
  • Use the Call Center edition's dashboard to see call volumes and available agents or drill down to analyze productivity metrics
  • Assign queues, track calls, monitor conversations and route incoming calls with the Call Center edition
  • Build an infrastructure for growth
  • Tap into enterprise-class communication and collaboration functionality
  • Enjoy superior reliability and protection with these on-premise solutions
  • Improve productivity with comprehensive phone features and enhanced customization

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