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TESTING SOLUTIONS that make the grade

Ricoh Testing and Grading Solution for Education

In K–12 districts and colleges around the country, educators face complex challenges—including shrinking budgets and growing pressure to meet government-mandated standards. Many schools are rising to these challenges by introducing more and more sophisticated, technology into classrooms and administrative offices.

But if your organization is like many, testing is one area where you may be relying on yesterday’s technology.

For years, many schools have been using the same system to produce and score tests. This solution requires proprietary equipment and forms that result in unnecessary costs. It limits educators’ flexibility in tailoring test structure and content to match students’ needs. And it lacks analytics capabilities—so it’s time consuming and difficult for teachers to identify trends and patterns across students and classes.

Ricoh Testing and Grading Solution for Education offer a more robust, flexible and cost-efficient approach to creating, scoring and analyzing student exams. It combines powerful software with Ricoh multi-function devices—enabling you to increase speed and agility while driving down costs. It makes it easier for teachers to quickly and effectively analyze test results. In some cases, it can even automate integration of test results into your student information system.

  • About Ricoh Testing and Grading
    Solution for Education
  • Challenges/Benefits
Ricoh Testing and Grading Solution for Education – an integration of people-process-technology – are driven by the challenge of making your investments and information work for your school.

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  • People. How will Ricoh Testing and Grading Solution for Education integrate with your network and existing technology investments? What are some possible workflows for teachers to use when creating, scoring and analyzing tests? How can you further enhance the design and formatting of your tests? These are among the questions that Ricoh’s experts help address as you design, implement and run your testing and grading solution.
  • Process. Every educational organization is unique, with distinct processes and people. That’s why we start with a customer needs analysis. With those insights, we design and implement your solution and then train your end users. Ricoh serves thousands of K–12 districts, colleges and universities coast to coast, and we’re known for the quality of our services and support.
  • Technology. The power of these solutions lies in the ability to use Ricoh multi-function devices to support testing and scoring. There’s no need to maintain a dedicated piece of equipment—or to purchase costly proprietary forms. By installing our testing and grading software solutions on your local network and integrating it with your Ricoh MFD, you can use your device (and regular paper) not only for testing and grading but also to meet a wide range of other productivity and efficiency goals.

Challenges Addressed
  • Time-consuming processes for creating and scoring exams
  • Paper-based documents that slow workflow and burden staff
  • Expensive, often inflexible test forms
  • Proprietary equipment for scoring test forms
  • Inability to analyze test results by student, class or grade level
  • Pressure to meet students’ individual needs while addressing standards
  • Ongoing demand to cut costs and increase efficiency
Benefits Attained
Ricoh Testing and Grading Solution for Education offer a modern approach to creating and scoring student exams. Running on Ricoh multi-function devices (MFDs), the software offers greater flexibility and cost efficiency compared to traditional pre-printed bubble-sheet testing solutions. They also provide analytics capabilities so your faculty can more quickly and easily identify trends—as well as opportunities to improve student performance.

Spend less on tests
  • Print tests on plain paper instead of on higher cost special forms
  • Score tests using a multi-function device—not a proprietary scanner
  • Achieve greater value from your existing technology investments
Give faculty more flexibility—and time for teaching
  • Provide teachers a broader array of options when creating and scoring tests
  • Enable faculty to more effectively address standards while tailoring test content and format
  • Reduce teachers’ administrative burden, freeing up more time for teaching and engaging with students
Make the most of your information
  • Automate analysis of test results—giving teachers fast, effective insights into student performance beyond “right” and “wrong” answers
  • Study trends and patterns in test results—for example, helping identify questions missed by a majority of test takers in a certain class or across a grade level
  • Integrate test results with your student information system so you can track and analyze student performance over time

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