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PROTECT Rx PAPER without a lock and key

Ricoh Secure Plain Paper Rx Solution for HealthCare

Since 2008, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) have held hospitals to stringent requirements around the security and integrity of prescriptions. How is your hospital currently addressing the requirement to ensure that every prescription—whether handwritten or printed by machine—is safeguarded against copying, modification or erasure, and counterfeiting?

If your hospital is like many, you may have invested in “secure” paper—where each page is watermarked and has a unique serial number. Though compliant with CMS requirements, this approach demands thorough processes for documenting chain of custody. In fact, “secure” paper must be kept under lock and key—from the time it arrives at your facility to the time it’s loaded into a printer with a locking tray. If you’ve been using this approach, you know that the per-page cost of the paper is high. And while it’s harder to quantify, there’s also a high labor cost—and process inefficiency—around ordering and managing secure paper.

For hospitals that want a more flexible and affordable way of meeting the CMS mandates, there’s Ricoh Secure Plain Paper Rx Solution for Healthcare. With micro-printing, security feature warning boxes, consecutive numbering and other checks-and-balances capabilities, our solution exceeds the CMS requirements. It also eliminates the need for pricy paper, removes reliance on special printers with locking drawers, and demands significantly less intervention from your hospital’s human resources.

Our solution includes a flexible software tool that’s compatible with equipment from virtually any manufacturer. So you can make the most of the printers that you already have, saving both space and money. The tool also enables you to centrally manage prescription output—making it easier to create a defensible audit trail. When it comes to safeguarding scripts, our solution will help change the way you work.

  • About Ricoh Secure Plain Paper Rx
    Solution for HealthCare
  • Challenges/Benefits
Ricoh Secure Plain Paper Rx Solution for Healthcare – an integration of people-process-technology – is driven by your complex needs.

  • People. At Ricoh, we have a nearly 80-year legacy of workstyle innovation. Today our people continue to innovate—bringing a high level of energy and expertise to the complex challenges facing our healthcare clients.
  • Process. Your Secure Plain Paper Rx Solution for Healthcare engagement starts with a thorough assessment of your current approach to safeguarding scripts. After analyzing your existing workflow, we design a solution tailored to your organization. We may also recommend process improvements to support even higher efficiency.
  • Technology. At the heart of this solution is a flexible software package that runs on multifunction devices and printers from almost any manufacturer. The tool eliminates the need for special papers and devices dedicated to printing prescriptions. And it supports centralized management of all prescription output. So you have better visibility—and control—across your healthcare organization.
Challenges Addressed
  • Stringent CMS requirements to ensure that prescriptions aren’t copied, modified or counterfeited
  • High cost of using “secure” paper stock with serial numbers and special watermark feature ($.15 to $.25 per page)
  • Labor burden associated with central management and ordering of paper, along with site-specific management of paper supply
  • Cost of additional network drop and ongoing expense of printer supplies for each dedicated secure printer
Benefits Attained
Working with Ricoh, your hospital can meet or exceed CMS requirements—without incurring the cost and inconvenience of “secure” paper. With our solutions, there are no locking drawers. No serialized paper. And no need to buy or retrofit machines just to ensure that scripts are safe.

Meet or exceed the mandates - with plain paper
  • Prevent unauthorized copying of a completed or blank prescription
  • Prevent modification or erasure of information a prescriber has written
  • Prevent the use of counterfeit prescription forms
Cut costs without compromising compliance
  • Eliminate the need for pricy “secure” paper and dedicated printers with locking drawers
  • Reduce your labor burden by eliminating cumbersome processes for ordering, managing and monitoring chain of custody for “secure” paper
  • Plug the solution into your existing MFDs and printers—so you can get the most out of your current investments and avoid the need to make new ones
Build a smarter infrastructure
  • No dedicated devices means fewer supplies and fewer network drops
  • Reduce risk at individual facilities and departments by centralizing management of prescriptions
  • Create an electronic audit trail documenting prescription output

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