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Ricoh Scan and Fax Solution for Higher Ed Admissions

Today’s students have grown up with technology. They expect speed, mobility, security and visibility into their application status with your school.

Although almost every college and university now accepts applications online, many admissions workflows remain manual. Often, they’re also disjointed—with supporting documents and forms arriving in various formats and from numerous sources.

If you’re still depending on paper, you may be missing opportunities to streamline your process—and make a strong, positive “first impression” on applicants and their families.

  • Making Information Work in Admissions
  • Challenges/Benefits

Ricoh Scan and Fax Solution for Higher Ed Admissions Infographic - Click to View Large Infographic

How much time and money are you spending printing, copying and managing paper files?
Our solution makes it fast and easy to digitize and organize documents—whether they arrive via email, fax or "snail mail." You can even integrate them with your school’s core systems for more efficient information routing and access.

Are you wasting money—and incurring risk—because of your fax machines?
Maintaining multiple standalone fax machines and fax lines is time consuming and expensive. It can also be risky since paper faxes can easily be lost or directed to the wrong recipient. With our solution, you can implement a centralized, enterprise fax platform that transmits faxes electronically. That saves you time and money—and provides a verifiable audit trail for every document sent or received.

Are you making the right impression? With everything your school has to offer, don’t let an outdated admissions process deter candidates from applying to and enrolling in your school. Set your institution apart by delivering a digitally enabled admissions process that meet this generation’s service expectations.

Our portfolio includes

With this solution, schools can capture content whether it arrives as an email, fax or hard copy. Advanced capture solutions digitize documents and automate paper-based processes. Enterprise electronic fax solutions integrate and automate fax and document distribution—providing a more efficient and secure approach. Complementing these tools are Ricoh's services and expertise in workflow assessment and design, as well as project management, maintenance and support. (Ricoh can also deliver this solution via a Managed Services model—reducing the need to hire full-time employees or contractors to help during peak periods.)

Key Features: Capture and Distribution Software
  • • Whether received via email, fax or “snail” mail, consolidate paper and electronic documents into pre-determined, customizable workflows.
  • • Distribute documents instantly to multiple destinations—helping to ensure that the right reviewers and departments have access to the right information.
  • • Address document quality and compatibility by using tools for image enhancement and conversion.

Key Features: Enterprise Fax Software
  • • Increase productivity by sending, receiving and managing faxes from almost any desktop or email application.
  • • Cut costs and improve processes by integrating your enterprise fax solution with your school’s core back-end systems.
  • • Save money by eliminating the cost of operating and maintaining standalone fax machines—while reducing or eliminating the cost of long-distance charges.
  • • Build a full audit trail of all faxes sent and received.
Challenges Addressed
  • Disconnected processes and backend systems
  • Document privacy and security, including lack of audit trail
  • Delays in processing information
  • Desire to improve service to students
  • Costly equipment, consumables and analog lines
Benefits Attained

    Digitize information, automate workflows
  • Convert paper documents to digital files
  • Organize documents in an electronic file system for easy search and retrieval
  • Create text-searchable PDF or PDA documents from scanned originals
    Automate fax and document distribution
  • Integrate fax with your institution’s telephony infrastructure and key business applications
  • Route faxes to electronic in-boxes rather than fax machines
  • Build an audit trail—with instant verification of document transmission and receipt
    Deliver a great experience for students
  • Address the expectations of today's "digital generation"
  • Work toward faster, more efficient response to student inquiries
  • Build an infrastructure to enable student visibility into the admissions process

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