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Ricoh Remote Monitoring & Managed Print Services for Enterprise

It’s the Digital Age, but many business processes still rely on printers and other multi-function devices. If your enterprise is like many, you may be running a large, complex fleet. And you may be unaware of how and where each device is being used—and just how much it costs to run.

Remote Monitoring & Managed Print Services for Enterprise can help you take control of your fleet of output devices. At the start of each engagement, we identify and assess every device on your network. We recommend ways to fine-tune the size and composition of your fleet. We highlight best practices in print governance. And then we take responsibility for device management and maintenance—using remote technologies to maximize efficiency and responsiveness.

Combining tools for enterprise management and remote monitoring, Ricoh keeps a watchful eye on your fleet of devices 24/7/365. We know when something goes wrong with a device—often before your workers have noticed a problem. Whenever possible, we diagnose and resolve issues remotely. And should you require more support, we can provide the details you need to handle the repair—or dispatch one of our expert technicians to tackle the problem for you.

Enterprises count on Ricoh Managed Print Services because of our national coverage and local support. Our ability to build a full enterprise view of all your devices in all your locations. Our powerful technologies for remote monitoring and proactive maintenance. And our strengths in supporting your goals for speed, quality and efficiency.

  • About Ricoh Remonte Monitoring &
    Managed Print Services for Enterprise
  • Challenges/Benefits
Ricoh Remote Monitoring & Managed Print Services for Enterprise —an integration of people-process-technology —helps right-size enterprise fleets, rein in costs and rev up productivity.

Ricoh Remote Monitoring & Managed Print Services for Enterprise Infographic - Click to View Large Infographic

  • People. Centrally located in Atlanta, Georgia, the Ricoh Managed Services Support Center is the 24/7/365 nerve center for Managed Print Services. Each region of the country has a dedicated team leader and a group of agents responsible for monitoring and managing customers’ fleets, which span tens of thousands of output devices. Our proactive, around-the-clock remote monitoring covers service alerts, “low toner” alerts and meter collection. When you need additional support, simply call the Center to speak with a live support technician—and get answers to your questions the first time you call.
  • Process. We start every Managed Print Services engagement by thoroughly assessing your current device environment across locations. We may identify rogue devices, devices that are underutilized and devices that are simply costing you too much to operate. In addition to right-sizing the size and costs of your fleet, we can help you to establish effective print governance including an enterprise print policy. Such a policy is essential to reshaping behaviors and containing costs—without hindering workforce productivity.
  • Technology. Our Managed Print Services rely on leading remote management technology, as well as Ricoh’s proven enterprise management software. Together, these solutions help drive up quality and reliability—while containing or reducing the cost of managing your networked devices.

Ricoh also offers a hybrid approach that merges high tech and high touch. Complementing our remote monitoring technology, we can deploy a service delivery manager to your site(s). Having an on-site expert creates more opportunities to improve workflow, address bottlenecks and further refine enterprise print policy and governance.

Challenges Addressed
  • Lack of visibility to all devices in a fleet
  • Inconsistent processes for managing devices and supplies and tracking costs across locations
  • Devices that have high cost of operation, that are underutilized and/or that are used inappropriately
  • Lack of effective governance, such as enterprise print policy to standardize cost-effective device usage
  • Reactive device maintenance, resulting in down machines
  • No budget for staff dedicated to managing fleet of devices
  • Inability to gather and analyze data about usage across the fleet
Benefits Attained
Drive productivity—and satisfaction—among your workers
  • Give workers reliable access to the output devices they need to support your workflows
  • Use Ricoh’s seamless remote monitoring to keep devices running and supplies stocked
  • Deliver fast, effective service when devices require on-site troubleshooting
Make the most of technology investments
  • Identify and gather information about all of your devices, so you can right-size your fleet and contain related costs
  • Implement enterprise print policy to ensure that documents are printed on the right devices and with the most cost-effective settings
  • Quantify—and reduce—the total cost of maintaining your fleet of output devices
  • Use Ricoh’s Managed Print Services dashboard to tap into data and analytics, so you can better understand device performance and ROI
Reduce workload for your helpdesk
  • Keep your helpdesk focused on IT needs—leave device management and maintenance to Ricoh
  • Perform proactive maintenance to keep even the largest, most complex fleets humming
  • Use remote monitoring to detect and resolve issues before they affect a device—that is, long before users call your helpdesk

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