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Remote Collaboration Service - Audio and video conferencing for the rest of us

Ricoh Remote Collaboration Service

Ricoh’s Remote Collaboration Service combines cloud-based services and portable equipment to provide two way video and audio communications, interactive white boarding and an information repository where resource material can be submitted, stored and downloaded. All without dedicated conference rooms, complicated technology or IT resources.

With Ricoh, you can collaborate, communicate and brainstorm. High IT expenses and travel costs are replaced by predictable monthly pricing based on the number of users, not usage

  • About Remote Collaboration Service
  • Challenges/Benefits
Ricoh Remote Collaboration Service —an integration of people-process-technology — is driven by customer needs and focused on measurable customer outcomes.

Ricoh Remote Collaboration Service Infographic - Click to View Large Infographic

  • People. Our Remote Collaboration Team focuses on a solution that optimizes productivity and engagement. They work with you to understand your requirements then create an all-in-one platform that allow your employees to interact and collaborate from remote workplaces.
  • Process. Ricoh’s proven process starts with a needs assessment based on workflow and the size and scope of the optimum platform. The goal is to create a remote collaboration solution that is robust, portable, simple to deploy, easy to use and cost efficient.
  • Technology. Our proven technologies represent a combination of cloud-based services and innovative, portable equipment to create a robust portal where everyone from groups of executives to single sales reps or service personnel can see, hear and speak from various locations.

Our portfolio includes:

  • P3000 Video Conferencing system and subscription service installed at each location
  • Short throw projectors connected to each P3000
  • eBeam smart board system located at the hub location
  • DocumentMall for materials, check in and check out

Challenges Addressed
  • Audio and video conferencing that allows groups and individuals at various locations to communicate simultaneously
  • Online training tool solution that allows attendees to view presentations and interactive white boards
  • Central resource repository accessible by everyone
  • Overcoming high travel costs
  • Impracticalness of dedicated conference rooms
  • Need for IT resources and expenses
Benefits Attained
  • Portable, easy to use solution
  • Ability to have on-the-fly meetings
  • Toolset for better meetings and brainstorm sessions
  • Increased collaboration between offices
  • Predictable monthly pricing based on the number of users, not usage.
  • Reduce travel costs

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