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FAST, ACCURATE AUTOMATION to speed medication ordering

Ricoh Pharmacy Order Manager Solution

Inefficient medication ordering processes can be costly - for hospitals and for patients. Ricoh Pharmacy Order Manager Solution – featuring DocuScripts software – automates submission and tracking to simplify how medication is dispensed in acute care facilities. As a result, caregivers and pharmacists can share critical prescription information, set priorities and track progress for every medication order in real time to dispense medicine faster, help drive down healthcare costs and enhance patient care.

  • About Pharmacy Order Manager Solution
  • Challenges/Benefits
Ricoh Pharmacy Order Manager Solution —an integration of people-process-technology —is driven by patient and hospital needs and focused on measurable outcomes.

Ricoh Pharmacy Order Manager Solution Infographic - Click to View Large Infographic

  • People. Ricoh takes a holistic view of an organization’s challenges to define desired business outcomes. Healthcare sales representatives and Professional Services solutions consultants lead discovery initiatives to improve efficiencies.
  • Process. We employ a phased strategy to stabilize, rationalize and optimize workflows for healthcare organizations. We strategically remove paper-based processes and use benchmarking, predictive modeling and process analysis to identify additional cost-saving opportunities.
  • Technology. Ricoh Pharmacy Order Manager Solution uses DocuScripts software and Ricoh multifunction products (MFPs) to send physicians’ hard copy prescription orders directly to the pharmacy in an electronic format. Users can track orders in real time, set priorities and communicate key details with one another via intuitive DocuScripts software that manages ordering, processing and fulfillment automatically.

Challenges Addressed
  • Limited or non-use of a computerized physician order entry (CPOE) system
  • Manual, error-prone ordering processes
  • Unreliable communication channels between pharmacists and caregivers
  • First-come, first-served order priority
  • First-come, first-served order priority
Benefits Attained
  • Pharmacy receives orders almost instantaneously
  • Orders can be processed based on status and priority
  • Track order status and location
  • Share critical information quickly
  • Minimize paper storage costs

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