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Patient ID Solution for Healthcare - Audio and video conferencing for the rest of us

Ricoh Patient ID Solution for Healthcare

Ricoh Patient ID Solution for Healthcare is designed around a suite of innovative laser printers and software that offers security and superior functionality. Our innovative Tray Lock Solution secures media such as prescription paper and wristband stock with optional locking paper trays. Customized media handling options allow ID wristbands as narrow as 3.25" to be loaded into paper trays for fast, cost-efficient printing. With an SD Card and the Portable Print Configuration module, users can transfer print settings from one device to another within minutes. Our Teflon-coated paper tray easily accommodates pressure sensitive media and minimizes misfeeds for greater uninterrupted printing.

Ricoh Locked Print technology ensures documents are printed only after user authentication at the printer. Our Hard Drive Encryption Option encrypts documents, data, address books, passwords and more, to help ensure against unwanted viewing of patient information. The DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) helps protect patient identifiable information by automatically overwriting latent digital images on the hard drive. These features combined, greatly assist your organization in its effort to meet regulatory compliance issues, such as HIPAA. All this, and more from a company you know and trust, as your organization imagines change!

  • About Patient ID Solution for Healthcare
  • Challenges/Benefits
Ricoh Patient ID Solution for Healthcare —an integration of people-process-technology —is driven by schools' needs and focused on measurable outcomes.
  • People. Ricoh experts can help you in your efforts to meet security and compliance regulations with a full array of health care specific solutions.
  • Process. Our process includes assessment of the current approach, as well as workflow consulting and design to help create a customized capture platform. Our process aims not only to create a platform that is simple to deploy and easy to use, but also helps customers address their compliance responsibilities.
  • Technology. Ricoh black and white and color laser printers offer a wealth of innovative features, functions and robust software solutions that help assure accuracy and security of patient information with maximum productivity.
Customer Challenges Addressed
  • Lost or stolen physician script paper, ID wristbands and other media
  • Inability to print 3.25" pressure sensitive patient wristbands on demand
  • Problems resulting from wristband adhesive contaminating the printer fuser
  • Hot swap SD card downloads taking as long as 3 weeks to complete
  • Protection of patient data from unwanted exposure
Benefits Attained
  • Innovative straight paper path
  • Physician script paper and other sensitive media is protected under lock and key
  • Patient wristband printing is fast, efficient and virtually trouble-free
  • System settings can be transferred from one device to another in minutes
  • Encryption option is built into the printer for constant security
  • Innovative Teflon-coated paper trays easily accommodate specialty papers and minimize misfeeds for greater uninterrupted printing

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