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protect sensitive information ON THE LOCAL LEVEL

Document Output Security for County Government

Does this sound like your situation? Your county government offices often handle documents that contain very sensitive information from patient health records to social security numbers to financial data. You live in a world of regulatory mandates. But you also live in a world of shared printing devices – where something as innocent as documents left in the output tray can set the stage for a security breach. You know that information is unsecured the moment it’s printed on paper. So how do you protect the data as well as yourself?

Ricoh has developed a comprehensive suite of security solutions and options for its MFPs and printers that are designed to help protect printed and electronic data content against opportunistic or targeted threats, both internal and external.

  • About Document Output Security
    for County Government
  • Challenges/Benefits
Document Output Security for County Government – an integration of people-process-technology – is driven by your needs and focused on measurable outcomes.

  • People. Our team assesses your vulnerabilities, establishes security objectives and takes appropriate countermeasures that can help minimize the risk of potentially serious security breaches.
  • Process. We assess common workflow, process and security issues in your county offices. Then we focus on the risks associated with unattended output and unsecured information in order to make the appropriate recommendations.
  • Technology. Ricoh can help you combine the security of locked printing with the freedom to choose when and on which device the output will be delivered. This provides the infrastructure to solve the issue of sensitive information being left unattended or unretrieved at the printer or MFP. Users can even swipe their building access badges to retrieve their secure print jobs and eliminate time spent typing in usernames or passwords.
Challenges Addressed
  • Securing information where shared devices are being used to print sensitive documents
  • Complying with regulatory mandates that require sensitive data to be properly safeguarded
  • Managing access to devices and establishing a secure print infrastructure
  • Assuring that only authorized users print and retrieve documents
Benefits Attained
  • Centralized printing strategy reduces operating costs and enhances security
  • Documents are safely sent to printers and securely held until released by an authorized user
  • Data stored at the printer is encrypted so information can’t be compromised
  • Security and workflow efficiency are improved

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