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Ricoh Output Cost Management Solutions

Across sectors, organizations are seeking new ways to trim back-office costs without compromising service quality or customer satisfaction. Print costs represent an area ripe for more thorough measurement-and more effective management. Though often overlooked, devices, ink, paper and energy can drive up costs, including significant spend on "wasted print."

The saying "You can't manage what you can't measure" is highly applicable to print costs. Ricoh has fine-tuned a methodology for measuring end-to-end output costs and offers a suite of tools for helping organizations improve device utilization and associated costs.

Ricoh Output Management Solutions span a variety of flexible offerings for guiding users to optimal resources. By helping employees choose the right device and right settings for each print job, Ricoh enables organizations to optimize print volumes, quality and costs.

  • About Output Cost Management Solutions
  • Challenges/Benefits

Ricoh Output Cost Management Solutions – an integration of people-process-technology – is driven by the needs of large enterprises and focused on driving real improvement. .

Ricoh Output Cost Management Solutions Infographic - Click to View Large Infographic

  • People. Ricoh Output Management Solutions incorporate the extensive experience and expertise of Ricoh professionals. Optimizing output environments is at the heart of our business, and we apply deep knowledge in assessing each client's current environment and designing a solution for optimizing output.
  • Process. The process includes an assessment based on our established methodology for capturing actual costs and identifying opportunities to optimize usage and spend.
  • Technology. In helping organizations optimize output costs, Ricoh employs a number of best-in-class tools and technologies compatible with multi-vendor output devices.

Customer Challenges Addressed
  • Pressure to optimize back-office costs to drive profitability
  • Inefficient use of output environment, particularly color printers
  • Device overutilization and underutilization
  • Inability to track output usage and costs by user or department
  • Inability to charge back users or external customers
Benefits Attained

Centralize output management
  • Manage users and devices within a single application
  • Access reports at the user, departmental and organizational levels
Optimize utilization
  • Ensure that print jobs are routed to the most cost-effective output device
  • Leverage technology to promote printing on two sides and defaulting to black-and-white output
  • Authenticate users and print from a "hold" queue to reduce waste
Take control of costs
  • Better manage print budgets
  • More effectively assign and recover costs
  • "Lock down" certain device functions and associate permissions to employee ID badges

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