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Mobility Solutions for Insurance - Audio and video conferencing for the rest of us

Ricoh Mobility Solutions for Insurance

With claims professionals in the field capturing structured and unstructured data, property and casualty insurance carriers are ideal candidates for mobility solutions. After all, mobile devices can help improve the speed, efficiency and accuracy of data collection and communication.

And yet, many insurance carriers are not fully embracing the mobility opportunity. Questions remain around how and where to apply mobile solutions, and concerns persist about how to address compliance. How can insurance carriers empower their mobile claims professionals-without compromising control?

Ricoh Mobility Solutions for Insurance provide a flexible and consultative entry point for addressing that question. Starting with workflow consulting and assessment, Ricoh partners with insurance carriers to develop a strategy and then design and implement mobile solutions. Ricoh Mobility Solutions for Insurance include a broad range of capabilities—from capturing data electronically with eForms to accessing enterprise data and printing files "on the go." Ricoh even offers a wireless camera that empowers claims professionals to take photos and integrate them into the claim record-while still in the field.

  • About Mobility Solutions for Insurance
  • Challenges/Benefits
Ricoh Mobility Solutions for Insurance —an integration of people-process-technology —are driven by the needs of claims departments and focused on driving real improvement.

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  • People. Leveraging decades of experience and expertise, Ricoh professionals assess current claims workflows. With those insights, we help in crafting a mobility strategy and solution designed to address key goals while maximizing current investments.
  • Process. A key element of Ricoh Mobility Solutions for Insurance is workflow assessment and consulting. The assessment examines the current approach to collecting, storing and sharing claims data. The assessment also highlights ways to incorporate or improve use of mobile technologies throughout the claims process.
  • Technology. In delivering Ricoh Mobility Solutions for Insurance, Ricoh brings together numerous bestin- class technologies for supporting mobile workers with more effective data capture, management and printing. One of our most innovative technologies is a wireless camera that enables mobile workers to take digital images and-while still in the field-integrate them with claims records.
Challenges Addressed
  • Inability to fully leverage mobile devices to accelerate and improve the claims process
  • Workflow complexity and delays due to reliance on paper-based processes
  • Lack of clarity around how best to deploy mobile technologies
  • Governance and compliance concerns related to use of personal devices and cloud-based applications and data
Benefits Attained

Understand the mobility opportunity
  • Gain insights into how mobility solutions can drive process improvements
  • Obtain expert recommendations for enhancing field support without sacrificing control
Arm field personnel with powerful mobile capabilities
  • Capture structured and unstructured data, including digital photos, in the field-improving speed, accuracy and transparency
  • Access enterprise data from mobile devices
  • Print from mobile devices
Accelerate claims processes
  • Streamline workflows by reducing or eliminating dependence on paper
  • Enhance communication between the field and headquarters-resulting in more timely and accurate information that feeds more effective decision making
Improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce labor burden through faster, more efficient claims document processing and workflows
  • Improve stakeholder productivity and effectiveness through automation and immediate delivery of critical information
  • Leverage leaner claims processes to concentrate resources on revenue-generating activities

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