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K-12 Student Records Management - Audio and video conferencing for the rest of us

Ricoh K-12 Student Records Management

Across the United States, K-12 districts are challenged to meet ever-higher demands with often diminishing resources. In the face of state requirements and federal regulations-from FERPA to the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act-student records management is no exception. Despite the availability of imaging and information management technologies, many districts still rely on paper-based records. Working with Ricoh, districts and schools can improve specific aspects of the records management process or design and implement a new workflow.

  • About K-12 Student Records Management
  • Challenges/Benefits
Ricoh K-12 Student Records Management —an integration of people-process-technology —is driven by schools' needs and focused on measurable outcomes.

Ricoh K-12 Student Records Management Infographic - Click to View Large Infographic

  • People. Ricoh offers expertise in designing systems for capturing critical student information and integrating it with student records. Ricoh's team can also work with K-12 clients to better understand existing Student Information Systems (SIS) and how our K-12 Student Records Management capabilities will complement the existing technology architecture.
  • Process. Our process includes assessment of the current approach, as well as workflow consulting and design to help create a customized capture platform. Our process aims not only to create a platform that is simple to deploy and easy to use, but also helps customers address their compliance responsibilities.
  • Technology. Our technology includes document capture solutions, enterprise content management tools and the connectors required for integration with an existing SIS or other technology systems.
Challenges Addressed
  • Incomplete or misplaced student records
  • Inability to quickly integrate paper and electronic records and to access all records electronically
  • Costly fees for off-site storage
  • Valuable real estate being used for storage of paper-based records
  • No backup of legacy records
  • No audit trails on physical records
  • Delays and inefficiency in couriering student records between multiple locations
  • Lack of expertise and resources to design and implement viable records management solutions
Benefits Attained

Improved Quality
  • Integrate data into core systems, improving data mobility, accuracy and security
  • Deliver fast, secure access to student records-giving the right people the information they need, when and where they need it
  • Free up time for district and school personnel, who can then focus on higher-value activities
Better Cost Control
  • Reduce labor burden through faster, more efficient document processing
  • Reduce or eliminate the expense of off-site storage and courier services
  • Take full advantage of existing Student Information System (SIS), MFP and other document management and/or technology investments
Risk Mitigation
  • Enable better recordkeeping, helping ensure that information is safely retained
  • Support data backup and other disaster recovery initiatives
  • Be positioned to more effectively address FERPA, NCLB and other state-level regulations

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