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in-house eDiscovery for legal FAST.EASY.RELIABLE

In-House eDiscovery for Legal

Does this sound like your current situation? When an eDiscovery request comes into your company, everyone goes on high alert as you scramble for information. First comes the time-consuming and expensive process of sifting through volumes of unstructured, electronic data that resides on network drives, personal computers and PDAs. Then comes your very real security concerns because chances are the information being requested is highly sensitive. All of this leaves you wondering how you can reduce costs, streamline processes and help ensure security in this age of ever stricter eDiscovery mandates.

Ricoh Electronic Discovery Insight (REDI) eDiscovery solution gives your company the ability to search and analyze pre-indexed electronically stored information in response to litigation, regulatory or investigative requests. This simple-to-use network appliance is deployed on your network before you ever need it. At the onset of a request, you can quickly perform natural language queries through a web-based, intuitive interface. These queries trigger powerful analysis and identification of potentially relevant data, such as email and electronic document files.

  • About In-House eDiscovery for Legal
  • Challenges/Benefits
In-House eDiscovery for Legal – an integration of people-process-technology – is driven by your needs and focused on measurable outcomes.

  • People. We are specialists with over a quarter-century of experience helping law firms address eDiscovery, data forensic and office technology requirements.
  • Process. Our process typically begins with a complete assessment of your eDiscovery requirements. Then we map out a plan tailored to your firm’s specific in-house eDiscovery needs.
  • Technology. Our REDI solution is unique because it’s a simple-to-use network appliance that resides directly on your network and behind your firewall. It can be installed very quickly and requires a minimal learning curve for the user.
Challenges Addressed
  • Reducing eDiscovery costs
  • Streamlining in-house e-Discovery processes
  • Meeting compliance requirements
  • Maintaining information security
  • Retrieving information quickly in response to requests
Benefits Attained
  • Costly outsourced eDiscovery is eliminated
  • Solution is easily installed and resides on your network
  • Ready for deployment as needed
  • Integrates with many existing review tools and hosting services
  • Searches, queries and results never leave your control
  • Easily project first level review costs before hand

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