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FORMS MANAGEMENT SOLUTION FOR HEALTHCARE improves workflow and efficiency

Ricoh Electronic Forms Management for HealthCare

Ricoh Healthcare’s Electronic Forms Management quickly and affordably extends the reach of applications to all users so healthcare organizations have the information they need to operate efficiently and effectively. More than just an electronic version of a paper form, Electronic Forms Management quickly captures, verifies and moves data where it is needed most — the critical business systems that healthcare providers use to run their enterprises.

Ricoh brings together best-in-class products, software and integration expertise to tailor an Electronic Forms Management solution that can help to increase productivity and efficiencies in your organization.

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Ricoh Electronic Forms Management for Healthcare Infographic - Click to View Large Infographic

  • People. Ricoh professionals are dedicated to healthcare with expertise in assessing business processes, designing workflow and providing consulting for process improvement. Our Ricoh Healthcare team is uniquely suited to help organizations eliminate inefficiency in document-based processes with their depth and breadth of experience in healthcare electronic document management. By leveraging knowledge, processes and technology we can deliver our customers a customized solution to meet their unique needs and requirements.
  • Process. Ricoh solutions enable authorized users to easily create and publish data capture screens without requiring programming skills. Screens can look exactly like paper-based forms or any other familiar user interface to speed adoption and ensure data is captured quickly and accurately. Designers can easily add formulas, field validation and more, to ensure data is captured accurately and completely. This extends the reach of enterprise applications to users who, until now, did not have a practical, cost-effective way to be included.
  • Technology. Our proven technologies include sophisticated scanning and indexing solutions that quickly digitize incoming forms and extract important information. The Electronic Forms Management enables end-users to enter, save and submit information – any time, any place – to support data collection requirements. When utilized, the solution provides simple-to-design and simple-to-use routing of completed forms to ensure data is reviewed and approved before it is moved into enterprise applications. Then through the power of Access eForms, the data is easily and securely integrated with a healthcare organization application such as HR, finance, clinical, customer service, administration, custom applications, and many more.

Challenges Addressed
  • Unstructured data
  • Inaccurate patient information
  • Inaccessible information
  • Workflow bottlenecks
  • Out of date forms
  • Paper-based forms do not easily integrate with core information systems
  • Critical information in paper form
  • Security of information on paper
Benefits Attained
  • Cost-Effectiveness with reduced labor burden and increased productivity from faster, more efficient document processing and reduced workflow cycle times.
  • Security with EFM that improves accuracy of patient data by eliminating illegible handwritten documents.
  • Process Improvement by replacing manual tasks with automated population and routing of key information on forms.

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