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Ricoh Exception Scanning Solution for Insurance

Exception Scanning Solution for Insurance

Scanning is essential to your business. But documents that are crumpled, damaged or contain staples can slow everything down – from production scanning devices to workflow to job completion. Mis-fed sheets that are scanned later are critical to finalizing the job. Ricoh can help you scan faster and smarter so you gain new efficiencies.

Ricoh MP C3503/MP C4503/MP C5503 Multifunction Devices are designed to work alongside production scanning hardware. This means you can finally handle exception scanning and production scanning at the same time. These machines, combined with GlobalScan NX, can convert scanned paper documents into electronic files and route them to their destinations.

  • About Ricoh Exception Scanning
    Solution for Insurance
  • Challenges/Benefits
Exception Scanning Solution for Insurance —an integration of people-process-technology —is driven by your needs and focused on measurable outcomes for your business. Our goal is to improve the way you capture, transform and manage information flow so that documents are where you need them, when you need them – and in the right format.

  • People. Ricoh offers expertise in designing scanning systems that capture critical data and integrate it into your business systems.
  • Process. Our process includes assessment of your current approach, as well as workflow consulting and design, in order to create a customized exception scanning solution.
  • Technology. Our technology includes document capture solutions in the form of hardware, software and the connections required for integration with your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Business Process Management (BPM) system.
Challenges Addressed
  • Regulatory compliance issues put your company at risk
  • Exception documents are batched and scanned weekly, causing delays in processing
  • ECM or BPM integration is slowed by lagging exception scanning data
  • Creating redundancy with scanning devices can be costly

Benefits Attained
  • Regulatory compliance risk is reduced
  • Exception scans are captured in parallel with the corresponding production scan job, increasing speed and efficiency
  • The time it takes to capture exception scans and integrate them into business systems is greatly reduced
  • Having acces to two scanning devices gives your scanning department a level of redundancy, which increases uptime

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