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Enterprise HR Content Management - Audio and video conferencing for the rest of us

Ricoh Enterprise HR Content Management

Enterprise Human Resources (HR) departments have made major strides in improving the way employee information is collected, processed, archived and shared. Even so, many organizations-particularly those with large distributed workforces-are still burdened by broken processes around collecting, managing and sharing employee and other critical information. Meanwhile, HR departments face pressure to comply with legal requirements pertaining to document retention. And although much progress has been made in streamlining document-oriented processes, many organizations still struggle with additional paper that is difficult to integrate with the electronic employee records, legacy manual processes and underutilized resource management systems.

Ricoh Enterprise HR Content Management offers a flexible suite of solutions to help HR departments identify and address opportunities to improve. Whether a department is embarking on digitization or seeking to tackle a specific component of employee content and records management, Ricoh offers the people, process and technology to help.

The Ricoh portfolio includes comprehensive capabilities to support HR content management:

  • Workflow and process consulting
  • Enterprise content management and document capture solutions
  • Back-file conversion and legacy records and day-forward imaging
  • Shared services and managed services
  • Forms management
  • About Enterprise HR Content Management
  • Challenges/Benefits
Ricoh Enterprise HR Content Management —an integration of people-process-technology — is driven by the needs of enterprise HR departments and focused on making real improvements.

Ricoh Enterprise HR Content Management Infographic - Click to View Large Infographic

  • People. Ricoh's consultants offer industry-leading expertise in capturing critical employee information and integrating with the employee record. Our experts can assess current HR content management workflows-and pinpoint actionable opportunities for improvement.
  • Process. With a highly structured and consultative approach, Ricoh Enterprise HR Content Management engagements include process and financial analysis services, project management and end-to-end file conversion and content management capabilities.
  • Technology. In helping enterprise HR departments tackle content management, Ricoh brings to bear a full suite of hardware and software-including content management, automated and ad hoc workflow, and capture solutions for centralized and/or distributed processing.

Our portfolio includes:

  • P3000 Video Conferencing system and subscription service installed at each location
  • Short throw projectors connected to each P3000
  • eBeam smart board system located at the hub location
  • DocumentMall for materials, check in and check out

Challenges Addressed
  • Broken business processes for collecting, managing and sharing employee and other critical information
  • Inability to electronically integrate and access all components of employee records
  • Lost or incomplete employee records
  • High storage and real estate costs
  • Compliance risks due to lack of audit trail, disaster recovery for paper-based files, accessibility to declared records
  • Inefficient processes and unnecessary or excessive labor as a result of reliance on paper-based employee files
Benefits Attained

Improve Productivity
  • Integrate and automate employee records-providing virtually immediate access to critical information across distributed locations
  • Reduce labor by eliminating the need to create, file and retrieve physical records
  • Streamline processes and improve internal communication and collaboration
Enhance cost control
  • Reduce or eliminate the expense of off-site storage and courier services
  • Take full advantage of existing hardware and software technology investments
  • Establish new processes or more efficient processes for capturing and managing employee information
Mitigate Risk
  • Enable better recordkeeping, helping to ensure the safely and timely retention or disposition of employee information
  • Support data backup and other disaster recovery initiatives
  • Be positioned to more effectively address OSHA, FMLA, ADA, HIPAA, EEOC and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements

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