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STRAIGHT 'FAX' on healthcare communication

Ricoh Enterprise Fax Server Solution for HealthCare

It may be the Digital Age, but your healthcare organization probably relies on one “old-school” workplace technology: the fax machine. For hospitals across the country, the fax remains a vitally important tool for communication and collaboration. You count on it as you deliver patient care and tackle administrative tasks—from sending and receiving lab reports to sharing claims information and admittance records.

But yesterday’s fax isn’t fit for today’s challenges.

For starters, traditional fax machines often have dedicated phone lines and consumables that drive up your overhead costs. They usually require your staff to physically load and transmit files. They aren’t easy to integrate with Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Electronic Health Record (EHR) and other healthcare IT systems. Plus there’s the opportunity for human error—and a lack of security and auditing features likely to create challenges in addressing the HIPAA final omnibus rule. In fact, in a survey, 44% of healthcare respondents admit they’ve read a paper fax intended for someone else.1

Wrong numbers. Unattended documents. Misplaced hard-copy files. Old-school faxes can fall into the wrong hands—creating security and privacy risks. Ricoh Enterprise Fax Server Solution for Healthcare offers a better way—a solution designed to address your hospital’s needs for more flexible, costeffective and secure faxing This solution is built on industry-leading Open Text Righfax™ software and is backed by a team of Ricoh experts who specialize in healthcare and process efficiency. With this solution, Ricoh changes the way you work—helping your hospital:

• Send and receive documents through “electronic” fax—so you gain productivity and cut costs
• Automate document delivery from a variety of clinical and back-office applications
• Organize faxed documents for faster, more secure retrieval—including from mobile devices—and more effective archiving
• Integrate our fax software not only with your EMR and EHR platforms, but also with your radiology, lab, pharmacy and claims processing systems
• Retire many of your standalone machines and dedicated phone lines
• Protect patient privacy by ensuring documents are sent to and received by the right person or organization

1 Opinion Matters survey

  • About Ricoh Enterprise Fax Server
    Solution for HealthCare
  • Challenges/Benefits
Ricoh Enterprise Fax Server Solution for Healthcare – an integration of people-process-technology – is driven by your complex needs.
  • People. Ricoh’s people specialize in work style innovation—identifying ways to introduce new or better approaches to help drive speed, efficiency, quality and security. Our consultants also offer experience in healthcare, including LEAN and Six Sigma methodologies for making hospital processes more efficient and effective.
  • Process. Every Ricoh Enterprise Fax Server engagement follows a phased approach. We start with a thorough analysis of your current environment. Our consultants examine your fax architecture and seek out ways to standardize business processes, weed out inefficiencies and remove unnecessary time, cost and risk. As part of our process, we follow a “consumption gap” philosophy. In other words, we encourage you to leverage your existing technology investments and extend their value by redeploying them as part of your larger Enterprise Fax Server strategy. Finally, before we move into implementation, we help you define your “future state”—and outline tangible, measurable milestones and outcomes to aim for along the way.
  • Technology. At the heart of the Ricoh Enterprise Fax Server Solution for Healthcare is Open Text RightFax™, a leading Enterprise Fax Server software package. With this package, you can implement a shared fax server gateway that integrates with your key clinical and revenue cycle applications. By automating your fax service, it supports higher efficiency and provides fully auditable receipt and tracking functionality.
Challenges Addressed
  • Security and privacy risks—such as wrong numbers, lost files and lack of an audit trail—that come with traditional faxing
  • Need for greater speed and efficiency in collaborating and sharing information
  • Pressure to drive productivity and contain overhead costs
  • Need to integrate faxed documents into healthcare IT systems—from back-office to clinical applications
  • Demand for a more reliable, available and scalable fax infrastructure
  • Ever-increasing privacy and security requirements, including those outlined in the HIPAA final omnibus rule
Benefits Attained
Ricoh Enterprise Fax Server Solution for Healthcare helps change the way you work by introducing the very latest faxing capabilities into your healthcare organization. So you can address the ever-increasing pressures for greater efficiency, quality and compliance.

Fax with greater speed, flexibility and efficiency
  • Send, receive and manage faxes from virtually all desktop and email applications—including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and any SMTP client
  • Be more productive by integrating the fax software right with your EMH, EMR, ERP CRL and/or ECM applications
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual faxing and the headaches of managing a fleet of faxes and dedicated phone lines
  • Transmit even the largest faxes faster—so you don’t have to worry about long transfer times, transmission failures or channel congestion
Get more - spend less
  • Reduce total costs with a virtual fax environment—so you can fine-tune performance, balance your load and support redundancy and disaster recovery
  • Minimize or eliminate long-distance phone charges by using least-cost routing for outbound faxes
  • Consolidate fax traffic so you can eliminate phone lines—and save money
  • Easily schedule fax transmission to coincide with off-peak phone rates
  • Provide a full audit trail
Help Protect patient privacy
  • Choose faxes over email for greater privacy through point-to-point communications with receipt notifications
  • Deliver encrypted PDF and other files via secure fax with certified delivery
  • Prove who sent what when with an archive of tamper-proof universal fax communications

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