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COPY & PRINT CENTER MANAGEMENT FOR ENTERPRISE trust Ricoh as your full-service partner

Ricoh Copy & Print Center Management for Enterprise

Does your organization require high quality documents? Do you struggle creating them because copying and printing aren’t what you do best? It’s unproductive for employees to spend time running equipment. It’s inefficient when more complex jobs are sent off-site to be printed by vendors. To make matters worse, it’s difficult adding up the true cost of hours and dollars spent dealing with printing issues.

Ricoh Copy & Print Center Management for Enterprise provides the hardware, software and skilled professionals to create a full-service, on-site copy and print services center. This lets you focus on your business, helping increase productivity. Structured reporting improves your visibility to workflows, printing costs and departmental usage, allowing you to finally get a true handle on printing costs.

  • About Copy & Print Center
    Management for Enterprise
  • Challenges/Benefits
Copy & Print Center Management for Enterprise – an integration of people-process-technology – is driven by your unique copying and printing needs and focused on creating an on-site capability that can save you time and money.

  • People. We take the time to truly understand your copying and printing requirements, then staff our on-site departments with skilled, experienced employees who are dedicated to providing great service. It’s part of Ricoh’s long history and proven expertise in helping companies change the way they work.
  • Process. We assess every aspect of your current situation, taking into account your copying and printing volumes, workflow and costs. Then we structure an on-site copy and print service center that brings efficiency and capability to your business.
  • Technology. Ricoh hardware and software are designed to fulfill every copying and printing need from simple to complex. Job workflows are monitored and managed effectively, controlling timing and costs.
Challenges Addressed
  • Efficient handling of time and labor-intensive printing and copying jobs
  • Effective management of print and copy job spikes
  • Proactive tracking of costs for printing and copying
  • Hardware and software assessment and management
Benefits Attained
  • Increase competitive advantage that comes from focusing on core competencies
  • Access to our document management expertise
  • Efficient support services and business processes
  • Improve service levels
  • Improve cost-effectiveness

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