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Ricoh Color Management Services

Organizations engaged in graphic arts—from print-for-pay shops to advertising and marketing agencies and departments—typically make significant investments in color printing technologies. Such investments are aimed at reducing costs, increasing flexibility and exerting control over color fidelity and print quality.

In many cases, however, organizations may still face ongoing challenges around the consistency and quality of color output. Even printing professionals may become overwhelmed when managing color accurately across an environment that includes a host of multi-vendor hardware and software products. While manual adjustment can be a stopgap solution, it is less than ideal as a long-term approach.

Fortunately, Ricoh offers Ricoh Color Management Services—a suite of capabilities delivered by one of the industry’s largest teams of Production Print Solution Engineers (PPSEs). Ricoh’s PPSE force consists of IDEAlliance®-certified G7® Experts, IDEAlliance®-certified Color Management Professional Masters, as well as CDIA+®-certified professionals. Ricoh’s flexible services can be tailored to address a range of challenges and are designed to give organizations access to proven and sustainable practices for color management of any scale.

1G7 and CMP are trademarks of IDEAlliance® Inc.
2CDIA+ is a trademark of CompTIA®.

  • About Ricoh Color Management Services
  • Challenges/Benefits
Ricoh Color Management Services — an integration of people-process-technology — is driven by today's needs of production print professionals and focused on driving real improvement.

Ricoh Color Management Services Infographic - Click to View Large Infographic

  • People. Ricoh Color Management Services are delivered by our team of Production Print Solution Engineers (PPSEs)—one of the largest in the industry. These individuals are G7® and CMP® certified, meaning they have demonstrated proficiency in addressing complex issues with color files. Many of Ricoh’s PPSEs are also CDIA+® certified, so they also understand network connectivity, network bandwidth and server requirements for document management.
  • Process. Ricoh Color Management Services are available through one-time engagements or as recurring support agreements. Either way, we follow a consistent process in assessing challenges, scoping work, implementing calibration and standardization techniques, and highlighting opportunities for further improvement and growth.
  • Technology. Ricoh’s PPSEs use cutting-edge tools to deliver industry-leading services—from designing basic color management workflows for startups to developing and implementing global color management strategies for Fortune 500 companies. In addition to using these tools to deliver services, Ricoh makes them available for purchase by customers seeking to implement their own color management capabilities.

Challenges Addressed
  • Insufficient color control from photography and scanning to design and print
  • Inability to produce consistent color across multivendor devices
  • Distributed color management on each front end, resulting in different color rendering on each device
  • Over reliance on time-consuming, inefficient and ultimately ineffective manual adjustments
  • Limited in-house expertise in managing color fidelity across the fleet
  • Communication challenges with customers or internal staff when expressing color management goals or concerns
  • Inability to set clear color expectations resulting in returns or customer dissatisfaction

Benefits Attained
Ricoh Color Management Services are designed to help support printing organizations in achieving these benefits:

Improved cost effectiveness
  • Identify opportunities to obtain greater value from color technology investments
  • Reduce time spent on color matching across devices
  • Lower costs and improve color quality to please even the most demanding customers
  • Reduce unjustified returns or no-cost reprint requests
Enhanced quality and consistency
  • Standardize output across an entire fleet of color devices
  • Access G7® Expert and CMP® Master support—the industry's gold standard
  • Identify new, innovative opportunities to improve and/or automate color workflow
Drive productivity
  • Enable designers and operators to focus on design and production—not color management
  • Automate color management to accelerate turnarounds and decrease operator intervention
  • Reduce waste by achieving consistent color faster than with manual adjustments

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