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MODERN MAIL CENTER for the modern campus

Ricoh Campus Mail Solutions for Universities

On many campuses across the country, mail centers are experiencing a significant shift in purpose—and workload. The age of the smart phone has brought a decline in traditional mail volumes, as well as an increase in electronic commerce. It’s also ushered in a generation of college students who have grown up with technology.

As the landscape continues to change, legacy mail rooms may not offer the right infrastructure, technology or expertise. How can mail centers evolve to update current capabilities and introduce innovative offerings? How can mail managers better apply technology for greater speed, efficiency and security? How they can meet the rising expectations of today’s students and their families? And how can they do it all while being careful stewards of the school’s limited resources?

Ricoh Campus Mail Solutions for Universities represent a unique, end-to-end offering for mail centers on large public and private university campuses. These solutions blend Ricoh’s experience in traditional mail and package delivery with technologies hand-picked to improve campus mail operations—helping enhance the student experience while potentially saving the university money, as well.

  • About Campus Mail Solutions for Universities
  • Challenges/Benefits
Ricoh Campus Mail Solutions for Universities —an integration of people-process-technology —is driven by today’s needs of campus mail centers and focused on driving real improvement.

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  • People. As a services company, Ricoh recognizes the importance of placing the right person in the right job. Our goal is to staff our on-site campus mail centers with highly qualified professionals who share our commitment to innovation and service excellence. In addition to providing efficient and friendly service, our team strives to remain current on all aspects of mail operations, industry trends and emerging technologies. To that end, we encourage active participation in professional organizations, such as the Mail Systems Management Association (MSMA) and the Postal Customer Council (PCC). Our people also participate in industry trade shows, undergo ongoing training and participate in customer forums.
  • Process. Recognizing that every institution and mail center is unique, Ricoh Campus Mail Solutions for Universities are inherently flexible. Although we tailor every mail center to school’s specific requirements, we base all processes on best practices designed to conform to standard customer and industry-specific regulatory requirements. At each center we also maintain a written record of all processes and procedures—updating the record to reflect changes and using it to help ensure consistent training of personnel.
  • Technology. Ricoh works to continually advance our mail center technology with a goal of not only meeting customer needs today, but also anticipating the needs of tomorrow. Leveraging professional associations, vendor contacts and industry events, Ricoh’s frontline mail management experts frequently evaluate and recommend new products. Our current portfolio includes high-density mailboxes, package kiosks, digital lockers and point-of-sale systems that interface with the US Postal Service and all major carriers. The ultimate goal: to provide an optimal mix of technology to meet each university’s specific needs.

Challenges Addressed
  • Manual mail-handling processes, which can lead to lost or misplaced packages and dissatisfaction among customers
  • Overburdened staff
  • Inefficient use of space
  • Lack of technology to provide efficient, innovative services
  • Lack of expertise in emerging mail-management tools and techniques
  • "Broken" processes
  • Security gaps
Benefits Attained
Ricoh Campus Mail Solutions for Universities are designed to support universities in achieving these benefits:

Improve cost effectiveness
  • Reduce labor costs by addressing inefficient and/or ineffective legacy processes associated with sorting and distributing mail
  • Leverage technology to replace manual processes with a streamlined and automated approach
  • Optimize use of space and focus mail-center resources on highest-value activities
  • Minimize everyday postal and shipping costs for students—while supporting potential cost savings for the university
Drive process quality and consistency
  • Leverage a portfolio of technology and infrastructure solutions to improve mail center operations
  • Work toward significant improvements in delivery and wait times
  • Improve mail security
  • Implement "accountable mail" capabilities, including visibility to current status and location of mail and packages
Enhance the student experience
  • Improve the speed and consistency of traditional mail processing services
  • Expand to offer a full-service, on-campus mail center
  • Use technology to operate a more friendly, efficient and comprehensive mail center
  • Use package kiosks and digital lockers to facilitate secure self-service capabilities
  • Implement point-of-sale systems that can rate shop between UPS, FedEx, DHL and the US Postal Service
  • Deliver greater speed and convenience—freeing up students’ time for academic and other pursuits

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