ESP Digital QC Power Filter
ESP Digital QC Power Filter
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Proactive reliability, guaranteed
Electronic Systems Protection’s (ESP) patented technology virtually eliminates power related disturbances, improves uptime, extends equipment life and minimizes service calls.


About ESP Digital Power Filters

  • Eliminates ground noise, maximizes performance, boosts productivity and safeguards digital systems
  • Highly reliable and helps extend life of equipment
  • Backed by a lifetime guarantee that extends standard maintenance agreements to cover power related “Acts of God”

Major Applications

  • Adaptable for all equipment power configurations


  • Provides consistent print output quality regardless of electrical surges, spikes or noise.
  • Prevents common power disturbances and surges from damaging digital equipment and eliminates risk of shock hazards
  • Designed for multifunctional products, printers, scanners, servers, computers and networked equipment
  • Features a patented three stage filtration and surge protection system that virtually eliminates ground noise and damage caused by power surges

Using ESP Digital QC Power Filters

  • Optional GFI Compatibility and Polarity Correction features available
  • Fax/Modem DSL Filter prevents unwanted crossover and reduces radio signals (RFI), which can be picked up by unbalanced telephone systems
  • Provides Cat5e ETL Verified Network Surge Protection to ensure trouble-free network connects and maximum signal integrity

Implementing ESP Digital QC Power Filters

  • UL listed, FCC registered, Industry Canada certified and Cat5e ETL Verified to guarantee compatibility
  • Easy to deploy and use
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