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Security and Cost Recovery Solutions

Main Features

About PCS Director Secure

  • Unclaimed documents are a risk for any organization. Resources are wasted and the integrity of confidential information is compromised. So, assign responsibility and improve productivity while reducing costs. With RICOH® PCS Director Secure, print jobs are stored in a virtual queue until they are released for printing. It enables users to choose where and when to release print jobs via workstation browsers, tablets, smart phones or directly from the control panel of select Ricoh devices.

Major Applications

  • Secure document release
  • Protect confidential information
  • Provide flexible print output for mobile workers
  • Reduce everyday operating costs
  • Improved business processes and user efficiency


  • Eliminate unauthorized access to confidential documents. Print jobs are placed in a virtual print queue on a designated server where only authorized users can release them.
  • Reduce excess waste, save money and promote sustainable environmental practices by minimizing the number of documents left unclaimed in the output tray.
  • Manage multiple jobs by viewing detailed information about every print job in the queue to designate where output will be released for optimal efficiency.
  • Maintain security controls for authorized users to safeguard confidential information and support compliance with HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley and other regulations.
  • Provide users with the flexibility to print for optimal productivity, lowest cost or most conveniently located Ricoh device.
  • Store print jobs in the virtual queue and release them when it’s most convenient.
  • Control when print jobs that have not been released are purged from the system.
  • Take advantage of seamless compatibility with any browser including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer for reliable functionality from any web-enabled device.

Using PCS Director Secure

  • Print jobs are submitted from a users workstation
  • The jobs are securely stored in a virtual queue
  • Once authenticated, users can view their stored jobs from a browser, tablet, smart phone or select Ricoh devices
  • Users have the option of releasing their jobs or having them deleted
  • Accounting information can be shared with other PCS Director modules

Implementing this Solution

  • Client application is installed on user’s PCs, allowing jobs to be submitted as “Secure”
  • Server application is installed to support the Virtual Print Queue and support the reporting features
  • Embedded application can be installed on select Ricoh devices, allowing for job release from the control panel
  • Document release from tablets, smart phones or PCs are done via a standard web browser

Complementary Products

  • Print Copy Scan Director (PCS Director)
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