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TotalFlow® Prep, Print Manager and Production Manager

Improve Efficiencies, Reduce Costs with Automated Print Production
TotalFlow® Prep, Print Manager and Production Manager
These easy-to-use software solutions integrate seamlessly with Ricoh Production Products to improve customers’ print efficiencies, drive revenue and reduce total cost of ownership of their technology investments. The TotalFlow® suite of products offer innovative print management software solutions that automate repetitive tasks and simplify workflows for fast, accurate and affordable cut-sheet production printing.

Support & Services

TotalFlow® Prep, Print Manager and Production Manager Brochure

Major Applications

  • TotalFlow® Prep Helps Print Operators:
    - Create Print jobs.
    - Assign job properties, including special instructions for the operator to apply and verify special media before printing.
    - Perform simple edits, including logo replacement, text insertion, sizing and rotation.
  • Manage Digital Printing Across Multiple Devices with TotalFlow® Print Manager
    - Automate job scheduling based on printer capabilities and availability.
    - Set up alerts so operators can solve printer-related issues quickly.
    - Produce reports with PDF/CSV export on job and printer metrics to assess your operation.
    - Supports up to five printers.
  • Maximize Workflow and Printer Utilitzation with TotalFlow® Production Manager:
    - Customize workflows with drag-and-drop icons.
    - Perform PostScript and PCL transforms.
    - Add approval steps to ensure accuracy.
    - Supports up to ten printers.


  • Print files can come from multiple sources in various formats.
  • Use the Ricoh TotalFlow® Prep make ready software to significantly reduce errors.
  • Determine when and where jobs should be produced based on the unique job requirement and printer capability.
  • Digital print load balancing with support for up to ten printers.
  • Combine several files (scanned and digital content) into one job.
  • Select media that best accommodates specific printers or media catalogs.

Print & Production Manager Features Comparison

Implementing this Solution

  • Compatible with MS windows, but not compatible with MAC

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