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Company Info

  • Ricoh Americas Corporation, headquartered in West Caldwell, N.J., is a subsidiary of Ricoh Company, Ltd., the 75-year-old leading provider of advanced office technology and innovative document imaging products, services and software, with fiscal year 2010 sales in excess of $23 billion.


  • Seamlessly connects with Ricoh devices.
  • Easy job management of multiple printers.
  • Operator tips alert the print room operator.
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive GUI.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides the print operator complete insight into each job’s status.
    Benefit: Allows operator to set all job requirements prior to print and distribution with a single page view and summary to ensure accuracy.
  • Interactive queue that alerts the operator of various job conditions and requirements that need attention.
    Benefit: Helps manage and reduce errors and cuts down on re-running jobs, saving time and resources.
  • An electronic based prepress workflow solution.
    Benefit: Eliminates the need for emails, phone calls and face-to-face instructional conversations where miscommunications can occur.
  • Works seamlessly with Ricoh TotalFlow MR (Makeready).
    Benefit: Using both solutions to manage jobs from the prepress through to postpress helps achieve a simplified, efficient workflow process

Competitive Positioning

  • PrintManager a perfect fit for the customer with multiple Ricoh devices looking for more than a controller but the ability to program jobs and manage printer status. This all enables the optimization of printer performance.

Complementary Products

  • 907/1107/1357EX, ProC550/700, ProC651/751, and Pro C901/C901S configured with Fiery E-41,E81,E-41A, or EB1357 with Adobe Post script (not compatible with Creo or Egret controllers).
  • Software compatible with MS windows, NOT compatible with MAC
  • Ricoh EFI Pace - Premium or Essential choose the best Integrated Print MIS platform for your Business needs. See more info here: Ricoh EFI Pace.

  • Direct Lines
    1-800-63-RICOH (1-800-637-4264)
    Authorized Dealers
    Ricoh Digital Camera



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    The Major Account initiative is about developing and forming partnerships with our customers worldwide.