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Support & Services

General Features

  • 90 ppm for reliable throughput that helps you transition from one job to the next with ease and efficiency.
  • Users can consolidate tasks —including copying, printing, scanning and faxing —with the Aficio MP 9002.
  • Deliver first print times in as little as 2.9 seconds on a wide range of paper stocks without compromising space or your budget.
  • Scan and print directly at the device using a USB memory or SD card, for exceptional convenience.
  • Quota Setting allows administrators to set limits on output for individual users to curb excessive use.
  • Add frequently used functions as icon shortcuts directly to the full-color, animated home screen. In addition, you can return to the home screen at any time with convenient one-touch operation.
  • Access cloud-based solutions or Hot Spot printing quickly using the MFP Browser.
  • Attach an external keyboard via USB cable for more user-friendly navigation.

Security Features

  • Enhanced Encryption Level (AES256bit, SHA-2) offers safer, more secure encryption algorithms. Plus, Bates Numbering provides identification protection and automatic consecutive numbering of documents.
  • Overwrite all stored data on the hard disk drive with standard DataOverWrite and encrypt the address book, authentication information and stored documents using standard HDD Encryption.

Printer Features

  • Print high-quality documents at high speeds. The versatile systems offer 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution.
  • You can also preview PDF, JPEG and TIFF documents from a USB/SD card to minimize print errors.
  • Schedule Print enables users to print larger jobs during off-peak hours to reduce network congestion.
  • Use Auto Job Promotion to skip error print jobs.

Mobile User Features

  • This flexible system offers convenient printing from most manufacturers’ smartphones/ tablets* and other web-enabled devices to ensure productivity in more places. (*Via downloaded printing application from smartphone/tablet manufacturer websites)

Finisher Features

  • Choose from a variety of impressive finishing options to ensure end-to- end document production in more settings, from smaller offices to Central Reprographic Departments (CRD).
  • Use the 3,000-sheet multi-tray finisher with 50- or 100-sheet staple capacity to expedite larger jobs.
  • The 2,000-sheet finisher with saddle-stitch stapler can produce professional-grade booklets.
  • Take advantage of hole punching, multi-folding option, a user-assignable 9-bin mailbox to produce high-quality, finished documents on a wide range of paper stocks and sizes.

Scanner Features

  • Enhanced Batch Scan lets users alternate between one- and two-sided scanning of original documents in a single job.
  • The size of high-quality PDF files can be reduced significantly with JBIG2 compression support for faster, easier distribution.
  • Users can save scans as digitally signed PDFs or in PDF/A format to protect the data more efficiently and securely.
  • Scan full-color or black and white originals, access LDAP-registered directories and distribute a wide range of documents using scan to web-mail/e-mail/SMB/FTP/URL/NCP with incredible control and minimal effort.
  • Scan to a USB/SD card right from the control panel – no PC is required.
  • Users can send scans and faxes simultaneously to streamline distribution.

Fax Features

  • Several services-led platform Ricoh devices can be connected to share phone lines helping to reduce costs further with the fax connection option.
  • Faxes can be forwarded automatically to e-mail addresses, network folders or the system hard drive.
  • With IP Fax (T.38) and Internet Fax (T.37), users can distribute documents directly to e-mail addresses for more costeffective delivery.
  • Check, print, delete, retrieve, or download documents using your computer for paperless faxing that cuts steps and helps to reduce costs.

Environmental Features

  • Manufactured with electric furnace melted steel sheets. These sheets are made of 100% recycled steel, which help to reduce the consumption of environmental resources. Ricoh is the first manufacturer to incorporate this process.
  • Users can visualize cost and paper resources by displaying the Eco-Friendly indicator, showing the percentage of paper reduction achieved.
  • This compact MFP is designed with default duplex printing to reduce paper consumption significantly.

Workflow Features

  • Streamline fleet management with intuitive, unobtrusive administrative controls.
  • Reset print volume counters automatically to manage excess print and copy costs for individual users or workgroups efficiently.
  • Import and export preference settings — including applications, system settings and shortcuts — from other Ricoh services-led platform devices for fast, convenient deployments.
  • Identify up to 1,000 user codes to check usage and status via SmartDeviceMonitor.
  • Use banner page printing to separate print jobs to determine who printed each job.
  • Use WebSmartDeviceMonitor from any web browser to configure and diagnose network devices remotely.
  • Easy to use @Remote software automates service calls and simplifies the collection of critical device data.
  • Administrators can receive email alerts to ensure that devices are replenished with supplies promptly.

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