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Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard D5500

Secure high-quality, collaborative presentations
Want to control who sees your best ideas — and how they see them? Choose the RICOH® Interactive Whiteboard D5500 to present drawings, review designs and share meeting notes in real time with both on-site and remote audiences. Take advantage of high-definition displays, remote image sharing, smooth handwriting tools and powerful security to customize presentations in business meetings, training sessions, teleconferences and more. Participants log in via PIN code authentication and all data is erased after your presentation, so your most critical information remains protected.

Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard D5500

Support & Services

General Features

  • The Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard D5500 can be set up in seconds and is ready to go in moments. No software. No calibrations. No problems. Simply connect it to your PC, iPad®, tablet, smartphone, USB flash drive* or other device with a VGA or DisplayPort cable to get started. Within 50 seconds, even a first-time presenter can use it without any training or manual. (*Can open PDF and Power Point files in USB flash drive devices)
  • Its full-color, high-definition LCD display enhances any presentation with LED backlighting for exceptional brightness, sharp text and precise images at 1920 x 1020 resolution.
  • The Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard D5500 has been engineered to be intuitive so even first-time users can easily write, draw, edit, move, resize and save via unmatched touch-screen controls.

Security Features

  • Remote participants can only access your presentation via PIN code authentication, so you know exactly who your audience is at all times.
  • All data is permanently deleted at the end of the presentation just by turning the D5500 off.

Collaboration Features

  • Up to four Ricoh Interactive Whiteboards or Ricoh Business Projection Systems can participate in a meeting session.
  • Each of those four locations can support up to 20 remote viewers.
  • A license enables the originator to create a meeting and invite participants to join on their PC, tablet or mobile device. The whiteboard can also be used as a high-quality display for Ricoh’s Unified Communication System P3000 or other video conferencing system while simultaneously sharing information via the system’s picture-in-picture function
  • Share images and even handwritten notes quickly by saving it as a PDF file and sending it via email to participants.
  • Any participant with a D5500 can make additional changes and send it back for a true, real-time interactive experience that keeps you connected with anyone, anywhere.

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