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Mobile User Features

  • With its compact footprint, the lightweight system can be transported easily with minimal effort. The portable laptop sized system includes a small camera, microphone and speakers that can be tucked away in a special soft-sided case for convenient video communications on the go.
  • All you need is an AC power source, Internet connection and monitor to collaborate cost-effectively via video, audio, text and interactive multimedia from the location that works best for you and your schedule.

General Features

  • The UCS P3000 offers a simple three-step operation to ensure you stay in touch with key decision makers — and stay ahead of your competition.
  • Start-up time is about 30 seconds. Plus, it offers one-finger control to convenient address books for fast connection with other participants around the world instantly.
  • The interface is modeled after smart phone technology for incredible functionality and familiarity that expedites operation.
  • The conference call leader can connect the device directly to a computer via USB cable to share screen images with all participants. Remote users simply connect the UCS P3000 into any projector, desktop monitor or television for viewing.
  • Because the system uses scalable video coding, it can transmit with reduced jitter and interruption for higher quality communications at reduced cost.
  • The UCS P3000 allows you to bring together dozens of participants from up to 20 remote locations for seamless, secure interactions without the challenges and costs of in-person meetings.
  • Nine locations can be displayed simultaneously — in a wide range of screen layouts — with audio from 11 more locations available throughout the meeting.
  • Save on travel and video-conferencing room infrastructure costs without compromising security or spontaneity with this convenient, easy-touse system.
  • Features the best of Ricoh optical technology for 1.3 megapixels of high-resolution at an expansive 94-degree wideangle view for video communications with real-life quality.

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