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Unified Communication System P3000

Versatile performance to move you forward
Use the RICOH® Unified Communication System (UCS) P3000 to get everybody on the same page — even if they can’t be in the same room. The innovative system integrates video, audio, text and interactive media in a lightweight, compact design that can be transported easily for highly collaborative meetings any time, anywhere — with anyone. Enjoy the freedom to seamlessly communicate with remote employees, customers or vendors at up to 20 locations without compromising productivity, security or your budget. Take advantage of this powerful, cloud-based technology for only a minimal investment and reasonable access fee. It uses an Internet connection and features an easy-to-use interface similar to a smart phone, so users can set up and operate the device within moments. Choose the UCS P3000 to help keep your business personal — and profitable.

Unified Communication System P3000

Support & Services

Accessories Packaged with UCS P3000

   AC adapter/Power cable, USB cable, Warranty (disclaimers), Quick Start Guide, Carry Bag, For Administrators: Licensing Agreement (Windows® Authentication), Privacy Policy Form, Read This First

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