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PJ WX5361N

The clear choice for a high-performance digital projector
With RICOH PJ WX5361N projection system, showcase your message clearly and concisely, on multiple surfaces, and across all locations. The Ricoh legacy lends itself to workplace innovation, pristine clarity, and reliability that can be customized to your personal, business needs. And, the PJ WX5361N is yet another solution to sharing data in a memorable way. Whether you’re in the classroom or conference room, the PJ WX5361N will deliver the automatic image adjustment and energy efficiency that busy professionals need.

PJ WX5361N

Support & Services

Accessories Packaged with Projector

-see list-  - 270W high pressure mercury lamp
- VGA and power cables
- Remote with batteries
- CD-ROM with User Manual
- Safety Instructions
- Projection Utility
- JPEG Conversion Utility
- Project Management Utility
- Advanced Network Utility
- Customer Registration and Warranty Sheet (US only)

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    1-800-63-RICOH (1-800-637-4264)
    Authorized Dealers
    Ricoh Digital Camera



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