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General Features

  • The Ricoh PJ X5360N offers up to 4,200 lumens output and XGA native resolutions.
  • This powerful digital projection system features 3LCD technology for more accurate, true-to-life color reproductions with intense brightness.
  • It delivers an impressive 2000:1 contrast ratio for exceptional clarity, whether projecting to 25 inches in a small classroom or up to 300 inches in a large, expansive conference room.
  • The Ricoh PJ X5360N features an easy-to-use interface and offers intuitive on-screen prompts, so any user can manage the projector quickly.
  • It offers one-touch control at the projector and comes with a remote control for optimal roaming convenience.
  • A high-magnification manual zoom and vertical lens shift enables users to place the projector in more locations without compromising projection quality.
  • Plus, Keystone Correction Image Adjustment balances images to minimize image distortion automatically.
  • Lightweight and compatible, the Ricoh PJ X5360N can be transported easily and positioned quickly. Its sturdy, robust design ensures long-lasting performance, whether placed on a tabletop or mounted on a wall or ceiling.
  • Its unique combination of power, versatility and affordability make it ideal for any organization and almost any size room.
  • Supports DICOM (Simple) technology, so universities, hospitals and clinics can use it to display medical images, including x-rays, for non-diagnostic presentations.
  • Display outstanding images on virtually any surface. Wall Color Correction adjusts the color of images to ensure clear lines and vibrant colors, whether on white, gray, beige, green or blackboard surfaces.
  • With Geometric Correction, images can be projected on spheres, cylinders, angles and other non-standard surfaces without compromising image quality.
  • Control the Ricoh PJ X5360N and other networked projectors — even other brands — from remote locations.
  • With standard PJLink Management software, administrators can power the unit on or off and configure settings with ease. Plus, the system is compatible with Creston technology. As a result, administrators can manage every element of the presentation centrally. Advanced

Environmental Features

  • Power up and display images in seconds.
  • Simply unplug the power cable for immediate shutdown. No cool down period is required.
  • Automatic Eco Mode adjusts lamp brightness to compensate for darker or brighter images automatically to cut energy costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Network Features

  • This network-ready projection system offers optional wireless LAN compatibility for optimal control from any connected PC.
  • Enables users to send content to multiple networked projectors at once for cost-effective conferencing.
  • It features USB terminal ports, so users can save presentations to memory drives or USB-compliant devices, and project images on the screen for incredible portable performance.
  • Plus, it has HDMI connections for easy access to highdefinition devices and content.

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