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Network Features

  • Connect any printer, modem, router, computer or scanner to an Adaptor, and plug it into any power outlet in the building
  • Share information and peripheral devices among all users, and access the network from anywhere inside the electrical system
  • Move devices without reconfiguration — switch printer and PC locations in a flash, change conference rooms instantly, or quickly turn any room with an outlet into a workspace
  • Every AC power outlet is a potential network access point — no need for cabling between conference rooms, classrooms or home offices.
  • Expand the system whenever needed with up to 16 total terminals (1 must be designated as the Master Adaptor).
  • Connect up to eight (8) devices to each Terminal Adaptor
  • Reduce technology expenses for installing and maintaining a hard-wired Ethernet network
  • Eliminate costs to install network access points and equip every PC or laptop with wireless cards
  • No PC required
  • Stable, error-free communications at data transmission speeds up to 190 Mbps
  • AES 128-bit data encryption for secure data transfers
  • "Closed" network for added security. Only devices connected through registered Terminal Adaptors may communicate with the Master Adaptor.

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