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Unauthorized Distribution

Unauthorized distributors of office supplies purchase from the "gray market". Many of these resellers are not in the business of selling or servicing office equipment; as a result they promise "genuine" Ricoh Supplies at prices which sound too good to be true. You should be aware that no assurance can be given that such supplies purchased from the "gray market" are actually the correct supplies for your machine. Some risks inherent in doing business with an unauthorized vendor are:

  • The supplies may be the incorrect product and may not be appropriate for your machine. If you attempt to use the product, you may experience product spillage, lowered yields, or impaired machine performance.
  • The product you receive may not even be genuine Ricoh product, but might be a generic clone, or re-filled, or re-manufactured, or perhaps even a counterfeit supply item.
  • Difficulties may be encountered in obtaining a refund, product support, or assistance from an unauthorized distributor, if problems occur.

If you suspect a counterfeit product, or experience deceptive sales practices, please contact your authorized Ricoh Retailer or Ricoh Corporation directly

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