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Photo Conductors

The quality of your copier's photoconductor, or drum, as they are sometimes called, is important to your machine's performance, for the following reasons:

Protect your investment with Genuine Ricoh Parts
Drums not manufactured to Ricoh's specifications may not provide the high sensitivity required preventing sudden voltage drops, which can cause toner scattering and dirty background.
Drums with lower sensitivity will require a higher level of light intensity to keep the same value of residual voltage after exposure, which will cause decreased exposure lamp life.

The same level of care and quality goes into the other parts used in the drum area.

Ricoh's drum cleaning blades are designed to meet our strict specifications to prevent problems related to improper drum cleaning, in particular, toner scattering and copy quality problems that result in repeat service calls.
Ricoh's strict specifications will provide maximum stability of cleaning brush features, assuring proper drum cleaning.

To find an Authorized Ricoh Dealer in your area, please call 1(800)63-RICOH

If you suspect a counterfeit product, or experience deceptive sales practices, please contact your local Authorized Ricoh Retailer or Ricoh Corporation directly, by email.

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