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Multifunction Color

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B/W (ppm)
Printer Speed
Color (ppm)
Paper Size
Aficio SP C240SF16168.5" x 14"
Aficio MP C2050SPF202012" x 18"
Aficio MP C2051202011" x 17"
MP C2003202012" x 18"
Aficio SP C242SF21218.5" x 14"
SP C250SF21218.5" x 14"
SP C252SF21218.5" x 14"
Aficio MP C2551252511" x 17"
MP C2503252512" x 18"
GX3000s N/A N/A N/A
Aficio GX3000sf N/A N/A N/A
Aficio MP C3002303012" x 18"
MP C3003303012" x 18"
Aficio MP C30531318.5" x 14"
Aficio MP C30032328.5" x 14"
Aficio MP C300SR32328.5" x 14"
Aficio MP C3300SPF333312" x 18"
Aficio MP C3502353512" x 18"
MP C3503353512" x 18"
Aficio MP C40042428.5" x 14"
Aficio MP C400SR42428.5" x 14"
Aficio MP C4502454512" x 18"
Aficio MP C4502A454512" x 18"
MP C4503454512" x 18"
Aficio MP C5502555512" x 18"
Aficio MP C5502A555512" x 18"
MP C5503555512" x 18"
MP C6003606012" x 18"
Aficio MP C6501SP656012" x 18"
MP C6502656513" x 19.2"
Aficio MP C7501SP757012" x 18"
MP C8002808013" x 19.2"

Compare Selected Items

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