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Compare Models BrightnessResolutionNetworkWeightLamp Life
PJ S22403,100 lmSVGA---5.75 lbs4.5K hrs Standard
PJ WX4152N3,500 lumensWXGAYes6.6 lbs3,500 hours
PJ WX4152NI3,500 lumensWXGAYes6.6 lbs3,500 hours
PJ X54604,000 lmXGALimited6.6 lbs.3K hrs standard
PJ WX54604,100 lmWXGAYes6.6 lbs3K hrs standard
PJ HD54503,500 lmHDLimited6.6 lbs.3K hrs standard
PJ HDC54202,500 lmHDLimited6.6 lbs3k hours standard
PJ WX4241N3,300 lmWXGAYes6.8 lb.3.5K hrs standard
PJ X4241N3,300 lmXGAYes6.8 lb.3.5K hrs standard
PJ WX3351N3,000 lmWXGAYes6.8 lb.3.5K hrs standard
PJ X3351N3,000 lmWXGA---6.8 lb3.5K hrs standard
PJ WX22403,100 lmWXGA---5.75 lbs4.5K hrs Standard
PJ X22403,000 lmSVGA---5.75 lbs4.5K hrs Standard

Compare Selected Items

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