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Compare Models BrightnessResolutionNetworkWeightLamp Life
PJ WX3351N3,000 lmWXGAYes6.8 lb.3.5K hrs standard
PJ X3351N3,000 lmWXGA---6.60 lb3.5K hrs standard
PJ X54604,000 lmXGALimited6.6 lbs.3K hrs standard
PJ WX54604,100 lmWXGAYes6.6 lbs3K hrs standard
PJ HD54503,500 lmHDLimited6.6 lbs.3K hrs standard
PJ WX41302,500 lmWXGA---6.6 lb.3K hrs standard
PJ WX4141NI3,300 lmWXGAYes6.6 lb.3.5K hrs standard
PJ WX4141N3,300 lmWXGAYes6.6 lb.3.5K hrs standard

Compare Selected Items

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