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Leveraging Ricoh’s legacy of precision optics and lens technology, the business projector series transitions Managed Document Services (MDS) beyond the printed page. Source your entire fleet of business communications devices—from printers and multifunction products to digital projectors—all from a single company with world-class support and service from a name you can trust.
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Models BrightnessResolutionNetworkWeightLamp Life
PJ X3340N3,000 lmWXGAYes6.8 lb.3.5K hrs standard
PJ X33403,000 lmWXGA---6.60 lb3.5K hrs standard
PJ WX33403,000 lmWXGA---6.60 lb3.5K hrs standard
PJ WX3340N3,000 lmWXGAYes6.8 lb.3.5K hrs standard

Short Throw
Models BrightnessResolutionNetworkWeightLamp Life
PJ X4240N3,000 lmXGAYes6.8 lb.3.5K hrs standard
PJ WX4240N3,000 lmWXGAYes6.8 lb.3.5K hrs standard

Ultra Short Throw
Models BrightnessResolutionNetworkWeightLamp Life
PJ WX41302,500 lmWXGA---6.6 lb.3K hrs standard
PJ WX4141NI3,300 lmWXGAYes6.6 lb.3.5K hrs standard
PJ WX4141N3,300 lmWXGAYes6.6 lb.3.5K hrs standard

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