Color Multifunction
Ricoh MP C2003/MP C2503 Product Tour

Workflow & Solutions

Improve workflow with technologies that deliver value
and allow your business to run smoother.

  • Personalize the user experience.

    With an efficient, streamlined workflow system in place, everyone benefits.
    Costly errors are reduced, employee satisfaction rises and an overall increase
    in company productivity and profitability is achieved.

    Control Panel

  • Customizable Interface

    Individuals and workgroups can customize the interface to their workflow. By displaying only the most frequently accessed functions, employees get what they need in a shorter amount of time.

    Customizable Interface

  • Shortcut Icons

    Program complex multiple-step job tasks into shortcut icons that let users
    skip setup and complete jobs without stress or error.

    Shortcut Icons

  • Add a Logo

    Companies can easily add their logos or other graphic messages
    to the Home screen to reinforce branding.

    Add a Logo

Software solutions that address unique business workflows.

Ricoh understands that our customers have diverse workflows and specific requirements.
These smart MFPs are built with Ricoh’s Java-based Embedded Software Architecture, which enables
the system to transform into a true document and information portal for ease of integration with
sophisticated back-end document management and tracking systems.


  • Robust scanning features improve workflow and speed communications.

    Easily capture information in its original format and share it instantly and securely with a variety of easy-to-use scanning tools.

  • Scan-to Features

    Distribute your scanned documents to multiple locations in a few simple steps. Options include
    scan-to-email, scan-to-FTP, scan-to-folder and scan-to-removable media (USB drive/SD card).
    Users can also scan documents to a secure PDF format. The system will automatically
    minimize the file size to increase the speed of distribution.

    Scan-to Functions

  • Batched Documents & Mixed Originals

    Multi-page, multi-sized originals and one- and two-sided documents up to 11” × 17” can be scanned quickly and easily with the 100-Sheet Automatic Reversing Document Feeder.?

    The system will detect the direction of text in the hard copy original and rotate the digitized text automatically, eliminating the need for manual correction. System settings can be configured to detect and omit blank pages, making it simple to scan single-sided and duplexed originals in the same batch.

    Batched Documents

  • Distributed Scan Management (DSM*)

    DSM enables the centralized scanning of documents for a faster, more efficient workflow. It provides the ability to scan and send documents without having to input detailed scan settings, which reduces users’ missends and improves productivity. Administrators simply create pre-set controls and permissions including
    send to address, color type, file format and resolution.

    *DSM is only available for the Windows Server environment (2008 R2 and later).

    Distributed Scan Management (DSM)

  • OCR Scanning

    Scan hard copy documents and transform them into searchable PDF files. Using optical character recognition (OCR), the text from a scanned document is converted into data and inserted into a PDF. With standard software such as Internet Explorer™ or Acrobat Reader™, information within scanned files can be quickly searched by keyword or phrase. The Copy and Paste feature allows users to extract and paste text into
    other documents, eliminating rekeying errors and increasing job-task productivity.

    Scan to Email

  • Print Drivers

    The MP C2003/MP C2503 offer user-friendly PCL drivers with optional true Adobe PostScript 3.
    Both drivers have the same easy-to-use “one-click“ interface, which allows users
    of all levels to print the most complex documents with ease.

    Print Drivers

  • Mobility

    Mobile Icon

    Mobile Printing

    With the RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan app, users can print from PDF, iWork and MS Office files directly from their smartphones, tablets or laptops for incredible on-the-go convenience.

    The app allows users to choose the Locked Print feature for added security, as well as make selections for paper size, paper type and duplexing.

  • Print from USB & SD Cards

    Walk-up users benefit from the ability to print files saved on portable media directly at the control panel without having to connect their computers. Files can first be previewed on
    the LCD screen to ensure they’re correct before outputting.

    Print from USB & SD Cards

  • Flexible faxing options
    that save time and money.

    Configure your MFP with the fax option that best meets the needs of your business communications.

  • Standard Faxing

    Send documents directly from your computer through the MFP to a standard fax number (LAN faxing) or directly to an email address (Internet faxing). Inbound faxes can be forwarded
    to an email address or to a network folder (Fax Forwarding).

    Standard Faxing

  • Remote Faxing

    Enables up to five MFPs located within an organization to share a single fax line. This provides users
    the ability to send and receive faxes from the satellite units via a designated, main MFP.

  • Paperless Faxing

    Incoming faxes are stored directly on the MFP’s hard drive. Stored faxes can be viewed as thumbnails on the control panel or from any network computer via Web Image Monitor, and then printed as required. Faxes can also be forwarded to a predestinated folder or email address.

  • Fax Backup

    This functionality allows the outgoing fax to be digitally saved to a folder on the sender's computer.
    The fax is given a file name and can be saved with the transmission results,
    the addressee’s name and the date.

  • Feature-rich,
    convenient copying.

    Features that satisfy a wide range of
    department and industry-specific needs.

  • ID Copy

    ID Copy

    Users can copy both the front and back sides of an ID card, or other small originals, onto the same side of a single sheet of paper. This productivity-enhancing feature is ideal for healthcare offices, human resources and educational facilities.
    Also helps to reduce paper usage.

    ID Copy

  • Duplex Copying

    Duplex Copying

    Create duplexed copies in one touch. Easily copy
    and output 1-sided or pre-printed 2-sided pages
    as 2-sided pages – save paper and reduce storage space.

    Duplex Copying

  • Combine Copy Mode

    Combine Copy Mode

    Combine various pages of originals onto one sheet
    of paper. A convenient feature for proofing large documents and for creating presentation handouts.?

    Combine Copy Mode

  • Sort and Rotate

    Sort and Rotate

    Reduce collating time with copies automatically delivered in sequential order with sets rotated
    by 90 degrees.

    Sort and Rotate