Color Multifunction

MP C6502/MP C8002 Series Product Tour

Customizable Control Panel

A high-definition, 9-inch, full-color touch screen with integrated USB/SD card slots.

The customizable, user-friendly interface and advanced control panel functions make it effortless for workers to stay on schedule and complete tasks with a greater level of accuracy. Users can print directly from portable media, preview files and create shortcut icons to perform complex job tasks in one step at the touch of a button.

Customizable Icon

Customize the home screen to suit the way you work. Create shortcut icons for complex tasks and set frequently used icons to appear at the top of the screen.

Preview Icon

Preview thumbnails of documents directly from the control panel before printing, scanning or faxing, which helps reduce errors.

USB/SD Capability

Integrated USB and SD card slots are also easily accessible for printing directly from portable media.

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Load While Running

Uninterrupted performance for maximum productivity.

With an MP C6502/MP C8002 MFP, users can reload paper and replace toner without stopping the device and interrupting the print run. This smart feature maximizes system uptime, increases user productivity and helps to ensure deadlines stay on track.

Load While Running: Paper

The dual design of the Auto-Tandem Tray allows users to replace paper in the left tray without interrupting the print run.

Load While Running: Toner

If toner should run out during a print run, it is automatically replenished from the toner back-up supply deck. The job will continue to run while the toner cartridge is replaced.

Paper Path

The system’s new design reduces bend and friction for improved duplex printing on thick stocks.

The MP C6502/MP C8002 series features a vertically orientated Automatic Reversing Document Feeder. The design allows the paper to travel more smoothly around the curves of the paper path enabling high-speed output and dramatically reducing paper jams when duplexing on thicker paper stocks.

Animated Guidance & Direct Access

Easy-to-follow, real-time animated graphics make troubleshooting straightforward and stress free.

If a paper jam should occur, the MP C6502/MP C8002 will provide animated guidance directly on the control panel that synchronizes with user actions in real-time. Users can easily access the internal unit without opening the front cover and LED indicators light up to show where attention is needed. If the jam is located in a hard-to-reach position, the paper can be transferred to the purge tray, making it extremely simple for users of all levels to maintain the system.

Auto Drawer Feature

Automatic paper tray closing technology.

The Auto Drawer feature completes the paper tray retraction automatically once the user begins to push the drawer closed. This user-friendly feature also helps to minimize the possibility of damage from users forcefully closing the paper trays.