Color Multifunction

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Maximize your productivity.

The Fiery E-22B Color Controller is powered by the new Fiery FS100 Platform, which processes jobs two times faster than its predecessors. This high-performance server automates time-consuming manual tasks to streamline work and reduce bottlenecks that can slow down production in high-volume, job-task-intensive print environments. It prints large and/or complex Microsoft® Office documents, PowerPoint® files and color-critical PDFs accurately and quickly. With the Fiery-E22B, completely finished jobs are delivered on-schedule allowing tight turnaround times to be met with ease.


Tools that produce precise and consistent color.

The server offers high-value, color-intensive applications that produce the highest image quality results. Its advanced color management tools ensure consistent, accurate color every time, even for the most challenging client requests.


Easy-to-use print solution.

This Fiery server offers powerful and sophisticated functionalities to meet the full range of print production requirements, including Variable Data Printing (VDP). Organizations immediately benefit from the ability to produce professional-looking, finished print materials, such as booklets, quickly, easily and cost-effectively in-house.

The Fiery E-22B features a user-friendly, common interface and provides visual guides enabling a positive user experience with minimal training for employees at all skill levels. Users can also print directly with a wireless connection through the native print feature from Apple mobile devices.

Fiery VUE, a “visual print application” with 3D interface, guides users through the document creation process with intuitive layout and finishing tools.

Fiery VUE


Seamless workflow integration.

The Fiery E-22B has an open platform, which means it seamlessly integrates with most technologies found in today’s print production environments. It supports a wide range of corporate network environments with data and network security protection. Administrators can set general authentication, disable network ports and services, set IP filtering and support anti-virus software.