Color Multifunction

MP C6502/MP C8002 Series Product Tour

Reduce Energy Consumption

Make your office more eco-friendly with Ricoh’s proprietary technologies that lower the system's overall TEC value (kWh), reduce energy costs and contribute to a lower TCO.

  • The modular power system provides power to only the part of the MFP that you are using. For example, if you are using the Scanner function, but not the Printer or Finisher options, these functions will be automatically shut off so energy is saved without any effort on your part.
  • Low power consumption in sleep mode is a key feature considering 50% of all MFPs remain in sleep mode during the business day.
  • Utilizing the Timer function, the MFP can be set to automatically turn ON or OFF at specified times, matching system availability to work schedule.
  • The low-fusing point of the PxP-EQ Toner and Ricoh’s IH roller fusing system further reduces energy consumption and enhances green-friendly operations.

Energy Star and EPEAT Performance

Sustain energy efficiency for your environment.

Both the MP C6502 and the MP C8002 are Energy Star qualified products and meet EPEAT qualifications.*

*EPEAT is a comprehensive environmental procurement program that includes a rating of various environmental criteria on products and environmental programs to help identify greener imaging equipment and other electronics devices.

Reduce Paper

Features and functions designed to effectively reduce paper usage.

  • 250GB Hard Drive for document storage and print on-demand capabilities.
  • Standard Automatic Duplexing to reduce paper by 50%.
  • Scan-to options for electronic distribution.
  • Preview Before Print, combine copy features and advanced printing modes such as Locked Print, Sample Print, Hold Print, and Store & Hold Print help to further minimize paper consumption.

Eco-Indicator Screen

Encourages users to reduce their paper consumption.

These green MFPs feature an information screen that displays eco-friendly stats including the percentage of paper saved and the percentage of pages printed in full color, duplexed mode or in condensed mode. This screen can be programmed to display totals for the entire user population or for individual users.

Administrators can also program the screen with a customized message to emphasize company printing policies.


By accurately tracking and managing volume usage, companies can maximize their investment.

These systems provide a wide range of standard and optional solutions that allow corporate workgroups and graphic design firms to track volume by type, user or quantity. Specific job codes can be assigned for expense allocation and client chargebacks. Administrators can also set controls to further monitor who is printing to the device and manage their overall usage.