Color Multifunction

MP C6502/MP C8002 Series Product Tour

Flexible In-Line Finishing

Produce more jobs in-house and finish them in style.

Built to meet the needs of high-volume and graphic print environments with extensive in-line options that help your organization stay productive, minimize expenses, maintain confidentiality and streamline overall workflow. To learn more about our professional finishing select an option below.

2,000-Sheet Booklet Finisher (SR4100)

Create paginated, flat-fold, saddle-stitched booklets and folded, no-staple, multi-sheet booklets with a professional appearance and no manual intervention.

This finisher provides three destinations for output, optional hole-punching capabilities and has a 2,000-sheet shift tray capacity for long runs. The SR4100 also utilizes a new folding technology that creates “flatter” overall booklets in sizes up to 20 sheets (based on 20 lb. Bond).

3,000-Sheet Finisher
(SR4090 & SR4110)

Produce collated and stapled sets of documents in-line and shorten production time.

For offices that routinely produce larger documents requiring stapling and hole-punching, this system offers two options that help reduce production finishing time. The MP C6502/MP C8002 can be configured with a 3,000-Sheet Finisher offering either 65-sheet (SR4090 Finisher) or 100-sheet (SR4110 Finisher, shown) multiple-position stapling and optional hole-punching capabilities.

Cover Interposers (CI4010 & CI4020)

Eliminate time-consuming off-line manual insertion.

This system can be configured with either a Single Source or Dual Source Cover Interposer that allows pre-printed covers and inserts to be easily fed into the finishing workflow at the touch of a button.

CI410 can be installed on both the SR4100 and SR4090 Finishers. CI4020 (shown) can be installed on the SR4110.

Multi-Folding Unit (FD4000)

Accommodate virtually any folding need
completely in-line.

With the Multi-Folding Unit, newsletters, brochures and sales and marketing materials can be professionally finished in a variety of folding patterns. These patterns include Half-fold, Letter Fold-out (Tri-fold), Letter Fold-in (Tri-fold), Gate-fold, Double Parallel (Four-fold) and Z-fold.

Production Booklet Maker (BK5010e)

Produce the equivalent of a
120-page book.

When the system is configured with a SR4110 Finisher and Production Booklet Maker, the result is a fully integrated system that delivers saddle-stitched booklets up to 30 sheets at a time.

The finisher automatically adjusts for paper size and direction and offers a variety of drivers, making printing from any network seamless and easy.

GBC SteamPunch

Eliminate labor-intensive off-line manual punch operations and reduce costly errors that can arise.

When the system is configured with a SR4110 Finisher and a GBC™ StreamPunch™, printing, punching and collating is combined into one easy step. It is an ideal finishing solution for businesses that produce bound books in a variety of styles on a regular basis including traditional three-hole punching, ProClick®, WireBind™, CombBind™, VeloBind® and ColorCoil™.

9-Bin Mailbox (CS4010)

Keep communications streamlined and organized.

The 9-Bin Mailbox offers workgroups the ability to separate and stack document output to designated bins directly from the print driver.

This finisher can be configured with either the SR4100 Finisher or the SR4090 Finisher (shown).

Media Sizes & Weights

Output onto paper sizes up to 13” x 19.2” and paper weights up to 110 lb. Cover.

The MP 6502/MP C8002 provide in-house designers the flexibility to create full-bleed 11” x 17” comps with crops marks on paper sizes up to 13” x 19.2”.

The system handles thick media for duplex printing up to 142 lb. Index and accepts 110 lb. Cover for non-duplex printing through the bypass tray or the RT4030 LCT.

Poster Print

Print an enlarged single image across multiple sheets of paper.

This advanced color MFP system is capable of enlarging and printing a single image onto multiple sheets of paper to create posters. Each page is produced with 15 mm image overlap so that the tiled sheets can be assembled into a seamless image.

Paper Trays & Capacity

Configure your system to a maximum paper capacity of 8,100 sheets to match the document volume and paper size needs of your high-volume environment.

Standard Paper Trays

  • 2 x 1,250-sheet Tandem Paper Tray, two 550-sheet Paper Trays and 100-sheet Bypass Tray for a total standard paper capacity of 3,700 sheets.

Optional Paper Trays

  • The 2,200-sheet RT4030 Large Capacity Tray handles up to 13” x 19.2” sized sheets and can reliably run up to 110 lb. Cover stock (300 g/m²).
  • The 4,400-sheet RT4020 Large Capacity Tray can handle paper sizes up to 8.5” x 11” and up to 80 lb. Cover stock (216 g/m²).