Color Multifunction

MP C3003/MP C3503/MP C4503/MP C5503/MP C6003 Series

User-friendly accessibility and unrivaled security to protect your greatest assets.

Equipped with standard features and advanced solutions to help organizations stay in compliance and seamlessly implement a document security policy.

No matter what type of business you have or industry you service, data and document security is a concern and often a client requirement, making the ability to guard private information a necessity when choosing an MFP. Furthermore, companies today must also ensure that their technology purchases are compliant with government regulations, including HIPAA and Section 508.

User Accessibility

Innovative design enhancements provide comfortable accessibility to all.

These user-friendly MFPs provide features that comply
with the Section 508 Amendment to the Americans With
Disabilities Rehabilitation Act.

Control Panel

9-inch, full-color LCD operation panel with enlarged font sizes, adjustable brightness, concave hard keys and color blind-friendly color schemes.

Simple Screen Click to view standard display mode

Only primary features are displayed with a larger font size and icons for easier readability. Makes navigating the system easy and accessible for everyone.

Animated Guidance

Animated graphics and LED indicators provide visuals cues and guide users through troubleshooting tasks.

Auto Drawer

The Auto Drawer feature and universal paper drawer handles provide easy access to paper supplies and keep trays in alignment.

Configuration Options

Configuration options for product height adjustments.*

*Configuring a model with the 1 x 550 Paper Feed Unit Option lowers the overall height of the system.

External USB Keyboard

Option to connect an external USB keyboard via the USB port for users that prefer a traditional keyboard for data entry.

Hard Drive Security

MFP Hard Drive Security is a necessity for firms that handle confidential data.

Security is especially important in the fields of Health Care, Insurance, Finance, Government, Legal and Education, and often a key factor when purchasing new technology-related equipment. These advanced MFPs provide two powerful levels of security that ensure information stored on the hard drive is kept secure at all times — a huge benefit to workplaces with information security requirements.

The DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) automatically overwrites the area of the hard drive used for image processing after the completion of each job. This makes it virtually impossible for anyone to extract sensitive documents from the hard drive, even after the system reaches end of life.

The Standard HDD Encryption function encodes documents stored on the hard drive. Data files are safeguarded even if the hard drive is removed.

Document Security

Secure and confidential storage and distribution of information for today’s workforce.

This series provides built-in document security features and offers additional network authentication options that encrypt data, deter the unwanted copying and printing of confidential documents and restrict device access to certain system functions.

Enhanced Lock Print NX

Individual users can utilize the Locked/Hold Print feature to ensure their private documents are only output when they are at the device to receive them. Users simply enter the print command at their PC, and the file is then saved in an exclusive folder on the system's hard drive. The file can then only be released when the user enters their ID and passcode at the system's control panel. This eliminates the risk of confidential documents being left out in the open.

Smart Card Reader

With the Embedded Smart Card Reader Option, customers can install a third-party smart card reader for user authentication and tracking. The device fits inside the unit next to the operation panel and is covered with a plate. It cannot be seen, and the cable will also be hidden inside the mainframe. Users simply swipe their proximity card over the area to access MFP functions.

Password Authentication

Administrators can create passwords to restrict usage and limit access to system functions.

PDF Scan Security

Scans can be saved as digitally signed PDFs or in PDF/A format to safeguard data in an unalterable format.

Unauthorized Copy Control

Users can have the system embed digital code text patterns into hardcopy documents, instructing almost any device to gray out content or overprint text with a confidential notification if there is an attempt to copy, scan, fax or send the page.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

Simplify the setup of secure wireless communications.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) simplifies the setup of secure wireless communication by automatically searching for and identifying available Wireless LAN access points within range of the MFP. WPS reduces the time and frustration of setting up a reliable wireless connection and enables the easy movement of the MFP to another location if necessary.