Color Multifunction

MP C3003/MP C3503/MP C4503/MP C5503/MP C6003 Series

Powerful multifunction features deliver unmatched performance in a compact design.

The MP C3003/MP C3503/MP C4503/MP C5503/MP C6003 Series is the go-to solution
for fast-paced workgroups, marketing departments, design agencies and corporate environments looking to better equip their office, improve document management and enhance personal productivity.

Engineered for dynamic business, each model offers robust MFP features, a user-friendly interface, fast output, vibrant color reproduction, advanced finishing and easy to use device management tools – all in one compact footprint. Utilizing the IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n option, the device can be wirelessly connected to your network, eliminating the need for the MFP to be physically connected through an Ethernet cable and network connection in the wall. This feature saves money and enhances productivity, as organizations have the freedom to place their systems in the most convenient areas of the office without the costly expense of placing additional network drops.

Compact Design

Productivity enhancing capabilities that streamline workflow processes, increase business efficiency and reduce costs — all-in-one space-saving design.

Contributing to the compact footprint is the system's redesigned paper-path, which enables the duplex unit to fit inside the main unit, as a result this new series is approximately 11% smaller than previous models.

For companies that want the added benefit of finishing options, but don't want to compromise floor-space, the 500-sheet Internal Finisher* offers 50-sheet, multi-position stapling, optional hole-punching and support for paper sizes up to 12” x 18” and paperweights up to 80 lb. Bond/166 lb. Index (300 g/m²).

*The Internal Finisher is not available with the MP C6003.

Full Tilt

The angle of the control panel can be easily adjusted for optimal viewing. This feature assists with Section 508 ADA compliance and helps reduce the glare from overhead lighting.


Integrated USB and SD Cards slots are also easily accessible for printing directly from portable media. Image shown represents the Smart Operation Panel.


Preview thumbnails of documents directly from the control panel before printing, scanning or faxing, which helps reduce errors.

Control Panel

A 9-inch, full-color, tiltable LCD touch screen with integrated USB/SD Card Slots.

Further enhancing workflow productivity is the user's ability to program shortcut icons and design a customized workflow with direct access to their most frequently used job tasks.


Fast warm-up times, robust scanning and output speeds up to 60 ppm.

The series delivers incredible throughput and has the power to keep pace with your progressive business.

Print / Copy Speeds

  • MP C3003: 30 ppm
  • MP C3503: 35 ppm
  • MP C4503: 45 ppm
  • MP C5503: 55 ppm
  • MP C6003: 60 ppm

Scanning Speeds (based on Letter/A4)

  • MP C3003/MP C3503: 79 ipm
  • MP C4503/MP C5503: 110 ipm Simplex /180 ipm Duplex
  • MP C6003: 110 ipm Simplex/180 ipm Duplex

All speeds listed are for B&W and full-color.

Web Browser

Users can surf the Internet and print Web pages accessed on the operation panel.

When equipped with the optional Smart Operation Panel, the built-in browser offers advanced Web Browser functionality on par with today’s smartphones and tablets. Take advantage of features such as drag-and-drop, pinch-and-flick functionality and swipe scrolling while surfing the internet. Print web pages and bookmark frequently visited sites.

*MFP must be configured with the optional Smart Operation Panel.

Device Management

Bundled with a comprehensive set of scalable administrative and integration software tools that assist with installation, configuration and ongoing maintenance.

These tools allow authorized administrators to remotely monitor usage and update settings on a single device or across a whole fleet of connected machines through an easy-to-use Web-based interface.

When device management can be streamlined and performed from virtually anywhere with an Internet connection, system uptime is maximized, workflow stays at a productive pace and the cost of maintenance is reduced.

Standard utilities include Ricoh's Web Image Monitor, Web SmartDeviceMonitor
and SmartDeviceMonitor.

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Document Server

Increase productivity, reduce communication errors and eliminate the wasted expense associated with outdated, pre-printed documents.

Users can store commonly used forms and frequently accessed files directly on the MFP's hard drive in the Document Server. Stored files can be quickly retrieved, previewed as full-color thumbnails and immediately printed on-demand. Up to 200 separate folders can be designated as Shared or Personal, named for easy identification and set with passcodes for security.

One-Click, One-Touch Functionality

Easy to use driver interfaces streamline workflows and increase employee productivity.

These intelligent MFPs allow users to save the multiple-step programming of a formatted job task and assign it an icon-based preset button. With complex copying and finishing jobs, this can be done directly at the control panel. For print jobs, authorized administrators can create and post one-click presets that automatically download to the print drivers of all connected PCs, ideal for point and print environments.