Color Multifunction

MP C3003/MP C3503/MP C4503/MP C5503/MP C6003 Series

Smarter technologies and greener operations deliver a low TCO.

Ricoh is committed to helping organizations minimize the environmental impact of their document production through innovative feature sets that deliver the greenest products and lower operating costs.

With standard duplexing, short warm-up times, paperless communications and compliance with global environmental standards, these MFPs accomplish a full range of document-related tasks without compromising your company's eco-friendly commitment or your bottom line.

Reduce Energy Consumption

This new series of energy-efficient MFPs include features and technologies that
lower the system's overall TEC value (kWh), reducing energy costs and contributing
to a lower TCO.

  • Low power consumption in sleep mode takes consumption to under 1W, among the lowest in this product class. Something to think about considering that 50% of all MFPs remain in sleep mode during the business day.
  • Utilizing the Timer function, the MFP can be set to automatically turn ON or OFF at specified times, matching system availability to work schedule.
  • Quick start-up and recovery from sleep times, along with the low-fusing point of the PxP-EQ Toner, further reduce energy consumption and enhance green-friendly operations.

Eco-Friendly Construction

A strong commitment to eco-conscious design.

Every model in the MP C3003/MP C3503/MP C4503/MP C5503/MP C6003 Series is constructed from thinner plastic and Furnace Steel — electric furnace-made steel sheets made from 100% steel scrap.

Reduce Paper

Features and functions designed to effectively reduce paper usage.

  • 250 GB Hard Drive for document storage and print on-demand capabilities.
  • Standard Automatic Duplexing to reduce paper by 50%.
  • Scan-to options for electronic distribution.
  • Preview Before Print, combine copy features and advanced printing modes such as Locked Print, Sample Print, Hold Print, and Store & Hold Print help to further minimize paper consumption.

Eco-Indicator Screen

Encourages users to reduce their paper consumption.

These ingenious MFPs feature an information screen that displays
eco-friendly stats, including the percentage of duplexed output. This screen can be programmed to display totals for the entire user population or for individual users.

Administrators can also program the screen with a customized message to emphasize company printing policies.


By accurately tracking and managing
volume usage, companies can maximize their investment.

These systems provide a wide range of standard and optional solutions that allow businesses to track volume by type, user or quantity, and assign job codes for expense allocation and client chargebacks. Administrators can also set controls to further monitor who is printing to the device and manage their overall usage.

Quiet Operation

These smarter devices are also quieter devices.

  • Intelligent airflow engineering lowers the system’s internal temperature, which minimizes the use of cooling fans.
  • "Smart Position Motors," a new Ricoh technology, enables fine control of the paper's speed as it travels around the paper path.

Noise-reducing innovations

  • Soundproofed moving parts
  • Minimal use of cooling fans
  • Smart position motors