RICOH Pro C5100s / C5110s

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VCSEL Technology

Advancing the Pro C5100s/C5110s to best-in-class status is Ricoh's revolutionary VCSEL laser beam technology. VCSEL enables the system to produce 1200dpi x 4800dpi image resolution with precise registration by emitting 40 laser beams simultaneously to adjust for sheet expansion and contraction. This process minimizes color shift, resulting in highly detailed image reproduction and accurate registration, front to back.

The PxP-EQ chemical toner also melts at a lower temperature, using less energy in the process which leads to a reduction in operating costs.

Toner Technology

The Pro C5100s/C5110s uses proprietary PxP-EQ chemical toner, which accurately reproduces an expanded range of colors. It spreads evenly, improving color density and saturation to deliver brilliant quality color, while using a minimal amount of toner.

Elastic Fusing Belt

The Pro C5100s/C5110s delivers exceptional print quality on textured media. It is equipped with a thicker elastic fusing belt that enables the toner to reach to the bottom of the textured media and provides stable pressure and heat on the media surface. This improves print quality by promoting better toner transfer and adherence.

Previous Fusing Belt

Improved Fusing Belt

Parallel Calibration

Ensuring image consistency over long runs is crucial in production printing. Aiding in this key aspect is Parallel Calibration, offered on all Ricoh production level devices. A patch of CMYK is laid on the transfer belt between images and monitored by an internal Image Density Sensor. In addition to image quality, other crucial processes such as drum charge and voltages are also monitored through these patches. Any changes or fluctuations are detected and corrected on-the-fly, ensuring consistent image quality from the first to last print.

Process Control Check

System uptime and reliability, as well as image consistency, are all maintained by Process Control Check. This standard feature on all Ricoh production devices constantly monitors over 20 different system processes, including external factors such as ambient heat and humidity and internal system functionality such as toner density and overall copy quality. Constant monitoring determines system status and adjusts accordingly, even taking into consideration current part life while correcting functionality and output.

Active Toner Density Control

You can count on the Pro C5100s/C5110s and Ricoh's Active Toner Density Control feature to produce consistent, uniform color across a wide range of substrates. This technology analyzes the file being printed and provides the Developer Unit with the exact amount of toner necessary at the precise moment it is needed.

The optional Buffer Pass Unit further contributes to the result of smooth, even coverage as it cools the paper before sending it along, which prevents toner blocking.

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Interactive Spec Sheet

Explore this module to learn more about the system's key features, functions and professional finishing options.

1. 100-Sheet ADF

The newly designed 100-sheet ADF with duplexing capabilities quickly captures hardcopy originals for copying, editing, storing or electronic distribution. The system scans stacks of mixed originals over 200ipm in duplex mode.

2. Elevated Status Light

The elevated status light is visible from long distance and any direction so users can monitor printer status in real time. If a change in status should occur, operators are automatically alerted that attention is needed.

3. Control Panel

The newly designed full-color WVGA articulating Control Panel displays easy-to-identify, vivid icons for quick and easy navigation. The articulating arm allows users to reposition the panel for optimal viewing. Users can also access the Paper Library and scan to the SD Card and USB slots directly from the panel.

4. Toner

New PxP-EQ toner spreads evenly across the page, allowing the toner to absorb light more efficiently and reflect more vibrant, consistent color, increasing color intensity by 10%. Operators can also replace toner cartridges on-the-fly, decreasing downtime and increasing productivity.

5. Main Unit

The main unit of the Pro C5100s/C5110s is made from Electric Furnance Steel Sheets which contribute to the unit's environmental features. Powered by a 320GB hard disk drive, this heavy-duty engine provides 1200 x 4800dpi imaging quality, speeds up to 80ppm and media support for 300gsm. With a maximum volume of 150,000 pages-per-month and monthly duty cycle of 300,000 pages, this reliable machine can be counted on day in and day out.

6. Compact Footprint

The compact design of the Pro C5100s/C5110s is ideal for organizations where space is limited. It features the smallest footprint in Ricoh's production lineup and requires less than 4 inches of clearance from the wall.

7. Paper Capacity

With a standard paper capacity of 3,850 sheets and a maximum capacity of 8,250 sheets, the Pro C5100s/C5110s helps keep workflow steady and enables long print runs without interruption.

8. Active Tray Indicator

All front-loading paper trays feature an LED light indicating which tray is in use. This allows users to easily refill another paper tray while the unit is still in operation.

9. Trained Customer Replaceable Units

Trained users can replace up to twelve key imaging components including the Fuser Unit and Feed Rollers, keeping the system performing at peak efficiency and ensuring jobs are delivered as scheduled.

  • Drum Cleaning Unit
  • Charger Roller Unit
  • ADF Roller
  • Tray Roller
    (Paper Feed)
  • Paper Transfer Roller
  • Filters
  • ITB Cleaning Unit
  • Paper Transfer
    Discharge Plate
  • Other Service Tool
  • Fusing Unit
  • Fusing Cleaning Unit
  • Fusing Belt
    Smoothing Roller

10. Waste Toner Bottle

The Waste Toner Bottle can be removed on-the-fly by a system operator. It does not require a service technician to be called or for the suspension of the printing process.

11. Decurl Unit

The Paper Decurl Unit reduces the natural curl that can occur when printing high toner coverage on thin paper and paper with long grain.

12. Buffer Pass Unit

The optional Buffer Pass Unit helps minimize toner blocking on stacks of coated paper by cooling output prior to the media entering the finishing unit.

13. Advanced Finishing

The Pro C5100s Series offers eight finisher options which allow for a large variety of output and finished product, including newsletters, brochures and perfect-bound, saddle-stitch and spiral-bound books. (Configuration shown with Dual Source cover interposer + 3,000-sheet finisher with 100-sheet stapling.)

14. Media Support

With more demand for print jobs on larger media, the Pro C5100s/C5110s allows 13" x 19.2" sized media to be loaded directly in the mainframe. The system also supports specialty stocks and paper weights up to 300gsm; thick stocks up to 256gsm can be duplexed with ease. New transfer technology enables higher transfer quality onto textured surfaces.

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