Workflow improvement has always been part of what Ricoh does, because documents and communication tasks are the lifeline of business. We strive to bring new technologies to market that deliver value and better the lives of our customers. We understand the need to produce and manage them effectively in order to be successful.

The MP 2501SP offers innovative solutions that improve workflow by enhancing the user experience and increasing productivity with customizable features, multifunction capabilities, flexible printing and a host of scan-to options that speed communications and ensure accuracy. And, with a maximum paper capacity of 1,600 sheets, these MFPs can be counted on to produce longer runs of high-quality output day in and day out.

Ricoh's Managed Document Services (MDS)

is a powerful way to streamline your document management environment with Ricoh as your partner. By encompassing the three fundamental parts of document management – input, throughput and output – Ricoh can analyze and understand how your business accesses, uses and stores information.

From this data Ricoh will work with you to adapt strategies to your specific business model. Through on-site and off-site services, MDS improves workflow, productivity and end-user experiences.


Ricoh understands how important it is for you to work YOUR way. That’s why the MP 2501SP was designed with innovative technologies that allow you to seamlessly expand functionality beyond basic copying, printing, faxing and scanning.

The system is compatible with a wide range of software solutions that facilitate system integration, enhance document workflow and deliver cost savings. Our Java-based Embedded Software Architecture enables the MFP to function as a true document portal, allowing hardcopy documents to easily work with sophisticated back-end document management systems.


The MP 2501SP offers the unique ability to create shortcut icons and personalize the user experience by organization, workgroup and individual. With an efficient, streamlined workflow system in place, everyone benefits. Employee productivity rises as staff can redirect their time and focus on more important tasks and companies become more profitable as costly errors are reduced.

  • Individuals can customize their control panel to display the features and functions they most frequently access.
  • Users can create shortcut icons to execute frequently used and complex jobs anytime, at the touch of a button. This intuitive feature greatly enhances user productivity and drastically reduces error.
  • Organizations can program the interface to display a company logo or message on the control panel's home screen.

Learn more about the features and functions by exploring the Control Panel Tour.

Robust Scanning

The MP 2501SP improves communications by making it easy to capture and share documents and photos in their original format. The system offers full-color and B&W scanning with a wide variety of user-friendly scanning functions that meet the needs of today's on-the-go workforce.

  • Scan-to-Email, Scan-to-FTP, Scan-to-USB/SD Card, Scan-to-Network Folder and Scan-to-URL.
  • The Automatic Document Feeder enables users to scan batches of documents, including mixed originals, quickly and seamlessly. When one-sided and two-sided originals are included in the same batch, the system can be set to scan either one side or both sides in a single scan job.
  • Scanning pages from bound books can easily be done directly from the platen glass.
  • Scans can be saved to a secure PDF format while the system minimizes file size, increasing the speed of distribution.
  • Originals can be reduced or enlarged to fit another standard paper size, allowing scanned documents to output at the same size.

Enhanced Printing

The MP 2501SP satisfies a wide range of printing requirements,
including the needs of a mobile workforce.

  • Benefit from high-quality printing at 600 x 600 dpi on a wide range of paper stocks.
  • Mobile users can print documents directly from their iOS device to their Ricoh MFP using the Smart Device Print App, which supports common formats such as PDF, iWork and MS Office files. The App also allows users to choose the Locked Print feature for added security, as well as make selections for paper size, paper type and duplexing.
  • User-friendly PCL 5e and PCL 6 drivers come standard. These drivers have the same easy-to-use “one-click” interface, making it simple to print even the most complex documents. The system also supports the Adobe PostScript 3 driver, PDF Direct Print, and XPS.
  • The integrated USB/SD slots allow walk-up users the convenience of printing directly from portable media. Users can first preview their stored files directly at the control panel to ensure the file is correct before outputting.
  • Advanced printing functions powered by the optional 250 GB Hard Disk Drive include Scheduled Print, Sample Print, Locked Print, Hold Print, Store Print and Store & Print. Click here to learn more.

Intuitive Copying

This intelligent MFP offers numerous copy features to meet every department's needs.

  • ID Copy enables users to copy the front and back sides of an ID card, or other small originals, onto one side of a sheet of paper.
  • The system can automatically detect the original size of documents and then enlarge or reduce according to the user's specifications.
  • Duplex Copying allows for two 1-sided pages or one 2-sided page printed onto a 2-sided page.
  • Use the Combine Copying mode to combine various pages of originals onto one sheet of paper.
  • Copying onto Custom Size Paper can be accomplished with the system's bypass tray.
  • With Sort and Rotate Sort, copies can be assembled in sequential order and rotated by 90 degrees, respectively.

Flexible Faxing

For organizations that require faxing as part of their communication workflow, the MP 2501SP offers several standard and advanced options:

  • LAN Faxing allows users to send documents created from a computer connected to the system to another fax machine, allowing for increased productivity.
  • Fax Forwarding enables users to forward inbound faxes to email addresses and network folders for easy and fast storage. This paperless feature reduces sorting tasks, lowers output costs, and allows employees to spend their time on other important tasks.
  • Internet Fax lets users send documents directly to email addresses. This reduces paper costs, and is ideal for companies searching for ways to eliminate long-distance costs between satellite sites.
  • Remote Faxing allows up to five MFPs located within an organization to share a single fax line. This provides users the ability to send and receive faxes from the satellite units via a designated, main MFP*. This feature eliminates the need to install multiple telephone drops or purchase additional fax line options for every MFP on the network, reducing hardware and telephone expenses.

* Systems must be configured with the optional 250 GB Hard Disk Drive to enable faxing. For remote faxing, the main unit must be equipped with the Fax Option Type M1, the Fax Connection Unit Type M1, and the Hard Disk Drive Option Type M1.

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