Security & Compliance

Data and document security is a concern for every business, which makes the ability to guard private information a necessity when choosing an MFP. The
MP 2501SP is equipped with a number of standard and advanced solutions that help organizations seamlessly implement a document security policy and protect employees and clients from the all too common risk of identity theft.

The system provides features that comply with government regulations including HIPAA and Section 508, making it an excellent solution for firms working with military and government contracts, insurance documents, financial data, healthcare information and other types of confidential data. For companies that require enhanced encryption, the system provides AES 256-bit/SHA-2 for stronger data protection, meeting the standards for ISO 15408 Common Criteria Certification and IEEE 2600.1 Certification.*

* Advanced security features require the system to be configured with the optional 250 GB Hard Disk Drive. Some features launching in 4Q 2013. (Certification expected by June 2013.)

System Accessibility

The sleek and compact front access design contributes to the system's ease of operation and maintenance, providing an optimal experience for all users. The full-tilt, touch-screen control panel features distinguishable LED lighting, a simplified display and easy-to-follow navigation icons. Reverse grip handles enable single-hand operation for effortless paper and toner replacement.

Document Security

The secure and confidential storing and distribution of information is a requirement for many industries. The MP 2501SP addresses this need by providing several built-in document security features:

  • The Unauthorized Copy Control feature embeds data under printed text to prevent the copying of sensitive documents.
  • Locked Print and Hold Print options allow users to suspend document output and hold print jobs until they are ready to print.
  • Mandatory Security Information Print ensures output can be traced back by printing a line of information which identifies the origin of each sheet.
  • Output Mode Switch Timer for Fax allows users to specify whether faxes received in a specific period are to be printed, forwarded to a registered receiver, or saved on the HDD.
  • Scans can be saved as digitally signed PDFs or in PDF/A format to safeguard data in an unalterable format.

Additional password and network authentication options are available to further protect confidential information and ensure only authorized users are able to access files stored on the system.

Hard Drive Security

MFP Hard Drive Security is a necessity for businesses that handle confidential data. The MP 2501SP provides two powerful levels of security that ensure information stored on the hard drive is kept secure at all times – a huge benefit to workplaces with data-sensitive environments.

  • The DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) automatically overwrites the area of the hard drive used for image processing after the completion of each job. This makes it virtually impossible for anyone to extract sensitive documents from the hard drive, even after the system reaches end of life.
  • The HDD Encryption function encodes documents stored on the hard drive, which safeguards data files, even if the hard drive is removed.

User Access

The powerful MP 2501SP is an ideal universal solution for organizations with multiple departments that must adhere to compliance regulations.

  • Administrators have the ability to restrict access and usage to certain system functions by individual user or workgroup. This protects unauthorized users from accessing sensitive information located within the device.
  • Individual users can utilize the Locked Print and Hold Print features, which ensure their documents are only output when they are at the device to receive them. This eliminates the risk of confidential documents being left out in the open or picked up by coworkers from the output tray.
  • The system can be configured with Keycard Device security which keeps print jobs stored until the authorized user swipes their ID card at the device.
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